New Group EXO Creating Major Hype

January 9, 2012csnom

Left to right: Chen, Kai, Tao, Lu Han

SM Entertainment has recently revealed four teasers (with more still to come) showcasing the talents of their new boy group EXO. It’s been a while since SM has debuted a brand new group and everyone is excited to see what this new group will bring to the table.

EXO will reportedly be split into two units: EXO-K and EXO-M. They will be singing the same songs but targeting different countries. EXO-K will keep its focus on Korea while EXO-M targets the Mandopop industry. They will debut at the same time and promote simultaneously. It is rumored the main group EXO will consist of 12 members. There is still speculation since SME has not officially announced all the members yet.

So far, the first two teasers have displayed the dance talents of members Kai and Lu Han. The third teaser shows off Tao’s martial arts skill. The most recent teaser is a One Take version of Kai’s first solo dance. The first and fourth teasers feature one of EXO’s new songs called My Lady. The other two teasers feature songs titled Time Control and Metal. All three of these songs are very different from one another but it’s also a fresh and unique blend.

With the amount of time and money SM is spending on this group, many kpop fans are fully anticipating their debut in early January. The first teaser reached over a million views in only four days, and the views for the other teasers are increasing rapidly as well.

Check out the teasers below!

Reportedly, Kai’s real name is Kim Jong In and will be placed in EXO-K. The other two, Lu Han and Tao (full name Huang Zi Tao), are Chinese and will most likely debut in EXO-M. SM Entertainment also revealed a fourth member through their different sites named Chen. He is recognized as one of EXO’s best singers. All four of them showed off their talents at SBS’ Gayo Daejun 2011 during SMTOWN’s Orchestra performance.

Splitting into two units (but still officially one group) has already been done by popular groups 2PM and 2AM. However, targeting two different industries at the same time has never been done before. It’s interesting to see what the outcome will be. I know for sure that this group will skyrocket to fame if they are as incredible as SME makes them seem. Look forward to more teasers to come!

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