Sistar (씨스타) is a four-member kpop girl group under Starship Entertainment who debuted on June 3, 2010. The group’s name comes from “sister” and “star” – they will be friendly like sisters and will become a star in the music industry. The group holds a sexy and mature image rather than a cute bubbly one. Sistar is also often stylized as SISTAR.

The official fan club of SISTAR is called “STAR1″ which is read as “style” (comes from the word “star” and the number 1 in Korean is read as “il”; sta-il). The meaning behind the name is that the fan club will be there for SISTAR until they become a star and will also become the best (reach number one).

SISTAR’s music has hip-hop roots combined with modern electronic and pop sounds. Another highlight of the group’s music is the vocal abilities of the members.

SISTAR Members

  • BoRa
  • HyoRin
  • SoYou
  • DaSom

SISTAR Discography

Korean Discography

Studio Albums

  • 2011: So Cool

EP Albums

  • 2012: Alone
  • 2012: Summer Special Album – Loving U


  • 2010: Push Push
  • 2010: Shady Girl
  • 2010: How Dare You

SISTAR History


All of the members either went through an audition or were scouted. HyoRin had experience in the audition field as she had previously auditioned twice for JYP Entertainment. For some unstated reasons, she was dropped from the company and its training program. She eventually auditioned for Starship Entertainment. SoYu also went through the Starship Entertainment’s audition program and was accepted.

Starship Entertainment revealed the face of Sistar through Céci magazine on March 19, 2010. On March 23, SoYu’s images were released and on April 21, HyoRin’s cover of Christina Aguilera’s “Hurt” became viral. It went on to hit over 100,000 views – an unimaginable amount for a no-named South Korean person. BoRa was known as the “Queen-Ka” (hottest person) at the Myongji University in South Korea.

2010: Debut – Push Push, Shady Girl, How Dare You

On June 1, 2010, SISTAR released a teaser video for their debut single “Push Push”. On June 3, the official debut single was released along with a music video. The music video went on to receiving over 150,000 views on the first day. SISTAR held their debut performance on June 4 via MusicBank. Push Push placed 9th on Gaon Digital charts and placed 2nd on the Mnet chart. The choreography for Push Push also became very popular among kpop fans as they titled it the “cat dance”. Within a week of debut, SISTAR was hired as models for a commercial and was even complemented by JoKwon of 2AM as the best new female group on TV.

On August 24, 2010, the teaser for their second single “Shady Girl” was released. The next day, the music video for “Shady Girl” was released along with a showcase performance. The music video featured Kim HeeChul of Super Junior and the comedian Kim KyungJin. The single was released on August 27 and became an instant hit. The popularity of SISTAR was not only in South Korea as they were invited to perform as the only Korean girl group at the “Hallyu Music Festival” in Japan on September 14. Shady Girl placed 4th on the Gaon Digital charts and the choreography “Miko dance” also became popular.

The third single was titled “How Dare You”. The teaser was released on November 23 and the concept photos were released on November 25. Furthermore, the title track of the single album “How Dare You” was found inappropriate by the KBS council especially with the pole dance involved. Although the release of the album was scheduled for release on November 25, due to the North Korea-YeonPyeong Island incident, the album was released on December 3. The new single “How Dare You” placed first on various charts and second on the Gaon Digital charts. On another note, SISTAR also performed “Super Girl” with figure skater Kim YuNa. On December 9, 2010, SISTAR was awarded the “Newcomer Award” at the Golden Disk Awards. They also took the first place for the first time on December 9 at MusicBank, just six months after debut.

2011: Sistar19 sub-unit and So Cool

The announcement of the Sistar19, a two-member sub-unit of SISTAR, was made on April 28 through Starship Entertainment. The members of Sistar19 are BoRa and HyoRin and the two released their single “Ma Boy” on May 3, 2011. The “chair dance” proved to be provocative yet popular even among South Koreans, and eventually reached second place on MusicBank. Towards the end of the Sistar19 promotional period, HyoRin became the highlight of the music industry due to her performances on “Immortal Song”.

The first full studio album by SISTAR was titled “So Cool” and featured the hip hop trio DJ DOC. The album was launched on August 9, 2011. News articles reported how SoYou lost 8kg for Sistar’s new album. The hard work paid off as the album placed first on the Gaon Digital charts and won the Mutizen award at InkiGaYo (September 11) for the first time since their debut.

2012: Alone

Toward the beginning of April, Sistar announced their showcase which will be shown globally throughout 41 countries. The announcement came with the release of their new EP album titled “Alone”. The SISTAR Alone album was released on April 12 and was mainly produced by Brave Brothers – a loyal producer and mastermind behind Sistar’s previous singles. The title track of the album peaked at first place on the Gaon Singles chart and the album peaked at third place.