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10 K-Pop B-Sides That Deserve Your Attention: “Blue Flame”, “Magic Shop” and More!

10 K-Pop B-Sides That Deserve Your Attention: “Blue Flame”, “Magic Shop” and More!

On any K-pop album, fans would most likely turn up the volume on the title track. This is understandable because most producers know what they are doing, which track to highlight and which to put as a side track. Listening to side tracks can be great too, as it can help fans not miss out on precious gems.

However, there are many hidden bops on every album, and this list is just a few, and without a doubt proves that there are B-side tracks that deserve more attention.

Without further ado, here are 10 good K-pop B-sides you should add to your playlist!

1. LE SSERAFIM – “The Blue Flame”

Starting with LE SSERAFIM, their side track “Blue Flame” tempts the audience with a great song that is enough to make listeners dance to their heart’s content! With its synths and playful bass riffs, this side track is sure to please everyone.

2. BTS – “Magic Shop”

BTS are known for instilling emotion in their songs. “Magic Shop” is unique to ARMYs for its warm atmosphere and an anthem-like chorus that can be a great addition to a live performance!

3. LOONA – “WOW”

“WOW” LOONA literally delights listeners with a combination of jack swing and a modern instrument. The side track is also known for its bouncy chorus, which is infectiously danceable.

4. aespa – “Lucid Dream”

“Lucid Dream” by aespa joins this list for its airy verses and chorus, reminiscent of 2009 pop music. They are also charmed by the vocals, which make this track a side track worth listening to. The song also went through cooperate production with singer Hayley Kiyoko!

5. GOT7 – “Firework”

GOT7’s “Firework” highlights the boys’ vocals in a grim way, along with a song that is reminiscent of 2016 EDM melodies.

6. FRIEND – “Labyrinth”

“Labyrinth” follows the powerful side track from GFRIEND, featuring a techno-dance track that could be mistaken for the title track due to its powerful momentum.

7. Red Velvet – “Look”

“Look” Red Velvet is pure perfection. It offers listeners a retro feel, complete with synthesizers and bass performance. The vocals are also top notch on the song, as expected by Red Velvet.

8. TWICE – “Turn It Up”

TWICE’s “Turn It Up” begins with a gentle introduction that could be mistaken for a slow, acoustic track. But as the track progresses, it reveals its true colors in a sensual beat accompanied by memorable guitar and bass riffs, creating a catchy dance track! Side B is also written by member San.

9. Red Velvet – “Sassy Me”

“Sassy Me” by Red Velvet offers a feisty, almost rhythmic treat. The most interesting are the verses, the frying voices of the members rising and falling, showing Red Velvet’s vocal artistry!

10. ITZY – “Give Nothing”

“Don’t Give A What” by ITZY knocks the speakers out with its rock format, trap-style verses and elements worthy of the title track. ITZY nails the song with her brash performance, giving listeners the direct feel ITZY is well known for!

Do you know of any other good B-side songs that aren’t on the list? Feel free to comment below and let us know!

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