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10 of the ugliest bits of official K-Pop gadget ever, according to fans

Most of the official K-Pop goodies available to fans are usually quite unique, fun, or interesting, but there are times when it can be disappointing. Recently, on Reddit, fans were asked to share what they think are some of the ugliest official K-Pop merchandise ever produced. Here are the 10 most dubious or even weird articles mentioned!

1. Kyuhyun (Super Junior): The Violet Egg Shirt

Although Kyuhyun has an official Twitter account, he has never changed his profile picture from the default egg icon that the new account comes with. He made this project himself and was waiting for it SM Entertainment at least polish it, but in the end they printed it on T-shirts as is!

2. SuperM: 100 Undershirt

While the little logo on the front of this T-shirt isn’t too bad, many fans think the design on the back screams “graphic design is my passion”, and not in a good way!

3. NU’EST: Velcro bands

Later HYBE labels acquired Pledis entertainmentfans believe that the quality of some merchandise has dropped and used these simple Velcro bracelets as an example!

4. SMtown: broom

The history of this broom, which was sold at SMTown Coex, is almost unknown, with speculation assuming it was used to clean SM Entertainment’s dance studios to previously owned EXO‘s Xiumin. Either way, it’s a strange but unique commodity!

5. Jeongyeon (twice): pot rack

Not only is this an unflattering image of Jeongyeon, but pot holders are typically used for pots that get very hot and melt or burn as a result. And who would like to put a pot on Jeongyeon’s face first?

6. Taeyeon (generation of girls): Intention Phone case

This phone case isn’t the most insultingly flimsy design on this list, but many fans still find it disturbingly looking like a blue or purple liquid menstrual pad used in an ad to show off its absorbency!

7. NCT: Lightstick

Of all the K-Pop glows, many fans have long lamented that the green NCT design with the words “NCT” written in a square around the light is one of the most unattractive glows on the market.

8. Daesung (BIGBANG): ice cube tray

Apparently this ice cube tray was molded with a real Daesung nose and mouth which is quite special but also… Why?

9. SEVENTEEN: Bracelets

As with the NU’EST Velcro bracelets, these SEVENTEEN bracelets, which were designed after Pledis Entertainment was acquired by HYBE Labels, were simply not intended for fans, and there were even many articles that compared them to previous and higher-quality merchandise.

10. EXO: Rings

Finally, these plastic EXO member name rings just seem like cheap quality compared to some nice metal or higher quality rings, and look more like children’s jewelry than anything a teen or young adult would probably want to wear.


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