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11 of the most romantic moments of all time by Stray Kids and Ryan Reynolds

It’s the bromance of life!

stray childrenbang chan and Ryan Reynolds they have been sharing a dreamy romance for some time that has led to many iconic moments. What’s even better is that Bang Chan was a fan of Ryan Reynolds long before he met them, which makes their unlikely friendship even sweeter!

Bang Chan for stray children | | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Ryan Reynolds | @vancityreynolds/Instagram

From their first interaction to hilarious birthday messages, here are 11 of Bang Chan and Ryan Reynolds’ most memorable romantic moments of all time.

1. When it all started with Ryan Reynolds’ response to Stray Kids Deadpool– thematic presentation

2. When Bang Chan changed his name Bubble to “Chris Reynolds” after being credited by Ryan…

| Bubble

3. …And while Ryan was still using the new name

| Stray Kids/YouTube

4. When Bang Chan received a special gift from Ryan

Bang Chan first asked for an autograph and then got it engraved on a bottle of one of Ryan’s personal whiskey brands.

| @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Ryan also asked for an autograph – and of course he got it.

5. When they finally met via video call

Ryan couldn’t stop singing Stray Kids’ praise!

Bang Chan and Ryan Reynolds from Stray Kids | @realstraykids/ Instagram

6. When Ryan hailed Bang Chan after posting a song from his own production company

Ryan tweeted his production company’s song called Maximum effort

…but gave Bang Chan all the credit when a fan commented on it!

7. When Ryan liked the tweet about Bang Chan not drinking whiskey

STAYs noted that Ryan liked the tweet discussing how Bang Chan sniffed the whiskey he was given to wake him up… but never drank it because it’s a valuable possession.

8. When Ryan Joined “STAY Selca Day”

For this year’s ‘STAY selca day’, STAY boss Ryan Reynolds contributed… seemingly with his bias.

9. When Bang Chan hilariously questioned Ryan’s choice of song

When Ryan joined “STAY selca day”, he did so using Stray Kids’ “Red Lights” as background music. Bang Chan couldn’t help but laugh while questioning the choices Ryan had made.

10. When Ryan celebrated Bang Chan’s birthday in the most iconic way

Ryan posted an edit of his video Free guy with Bang Chan dances to Weekend“Blinding Lights” on all his social media, including his production company Maximum Effort.

Ryan Reynolds recently made a splash on Tumblr when he opened an account. Except it turns out to be Bang Chan’s state account who reblogs the cutest Bang Chan content!

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