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14 fun K-Pop Boy Group moments that are still not real

# 5 will always make us rattle.

These iconic clips are so much fun we almost can’t believe they actually happened. Check out some of the funniest moments from your favorite groups of boys and male idols below!

1. Hoshi SEVENTEEN haunts Seungkwan live

2. TXT fight with Jessi’s “watermelon”

3. The BTS rap line is a disaster on the pitch

4.iKON counts every time he hears the word “Bobby”

5. The BTOB Eunkwanga council went wrong

6. Jooheon of MONSTA X proves to be the # 1 fanboy of Aespa

7. SEVENTEEN pushes Woozy into the frame on the TV to see his height difference with Soobin from TXT

8. SEVENTEEN Jeonghan’s famous pimple dilemma

9. Water failure of GOT7

10. SHINee plays games while claiming the prize

11. Flawless comedy timing at NCT

12. BTS is blocked by invisible balls

13. Jackson’s GOT7 response to JYP

14. SHINEE Taemin imitation of Edward from Twilight

Check out the funniest moments of the girl group below!

15 K-Pop Girl Group Moments That Still Are Not Real


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