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14 years after the debut of the “younger sister of the nation” IU struggles with various struggles and losses

Debuting 14 years ago, IU now has a stable position in the Korean entertainment industry

More recently, on September 17 and 18, IU held two spectacular concert nights to celebrate her 14th year in show business and quickly became the first Korean artist to ever sell the Jamsil Olympic Stadium.

In addition, the IU concert is attended by an extremely impressive lineup of celebrities, from Kpopu idols such as BTS Jungkook to famous actors such as Song Seung Hun, Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Jun Ki.

Difficult childhood and a dream about music

IUwhose real name is Lee Ji Eun, was born in 1993. With her small stature and cute face, many people will think IU grew up comfortably – but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, the IU family went bankrupt, which led to the idol-actress living in poverty as a child. Since IU’s parents had a huge debt to take care of, they had no chance but to send IU and her brother back to their hometown where they would live with their grandmother.

IU once discussed the house she lived in after bankruptcy and described it as a cold and tiny space where her family lived with barely enough food. Her family’s only source of income was the money her grandmother earned selling hair accessories at the market, and IU was hardly able to meet her parents at the time. According to IU, she often felt lonely, and the presence of her grandmother was her only soothing grace for many nights.

As IU grew up, she began to show a talent for singing, but her internship was just as difficult. At the young age of 14, the idol had to take part in various competitions and auditions, but was rejected by more than 20 of them. She was also scammed of all her savings by bogus companies and later advised aspiring artists never to donate their money to any agency.

Ultimately, it was IU who saved her agency LOEN Entertainment, joining the company after many others turned it down. Here she recorded the mega hit song “Good Day” and soon gained the nickname “the younger sister of the nation”.

In just a year, IU brought LOEN Entertainment around 10 billion won in profits, making it the agency’s most influential figure in the last 10 years.

In the face of various controversies and losses of 3 close friends

Fame always goes hand in hand with controversy, and IU is no exception to this trend.

In 2013, the idol faced arguably the biggest scandal of her life after she accidentally posted a photo with Super Junior Eunhyuk on social media. The photo showed IU dressed in pajamas while Eunhyuk was suspected of being half-naked, which sparked a wave of criticism and contempt from the public.

Later, IU explained that the photo was posted in error and explained that IU and Eunhyuk were only “good friends” and not in a romantic relationship.

However, the public was reluctant to believe such an explanation, and IU – who at the time was known for her innocent and naive image, and Eunhyuk were buried in harsh comments.

Later, in 2017, Kpop fans from all over the world became saddened by the death of SHINee member Jonghyun. As one of Jonghyun’s closest friends, IU also suffered and was heartbroken.

During the 32nd edition of the Golden Disc IU, she spoke about her deceased friend, saying: “It’s been a year since Jonghyun died. This is a close friend who had the same dream with me. We have endured similar worries and pressures and experienced the same difficulties in our careers. Unfortunately, I could not become a credible support for him. “

2 years later, IU lost 2 more close friends – Sulla and Goo Hara. The actress was plunged into sadness, which made many Internet users worried about her mental state.

To make matters worse, IU has been criticized for not offering any condolences over Sullie’s death. The anger died down only after it was revealed that IU had spent 3 days with her friend and assisted the bereaved family at the funeral.

IU and Goo Hara had a very close relationship

On the last night of her IU concert, the heartbreaking news of Goo Hara’s departure was struck, and fans could hear the idol’s voice breaking during the show. Even tears appeared in IU’s eyes during the song, close to a full scream.

Source: K14


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