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15+ best moments from the concert IU “Golden Hour”

This is a concert that will go down in history.

IUThe concerts are always legendary, but The Golden Hour takes the cake for unparalleled visuals and unique performances. Here are the top 18 moments of her two days in concert, and that just further proves why she is the Queen of K-Pop.

1. When the Universe is on the IU side

Even the sky was ready for the IU concert, dyeing a perfect golden color before her concert started.



♬ people who used this sound are cute – rachelntlagi 🙂

2. “Eight”

There is nothing like starting a concert with fireworks and impeccable vocals.

3. “Love Poem”

This song never ceases to give us shivers, and it’s even more epic when they sing Uaenas.

4. Caught in 4K

Capturing IU’s warm smile was worth the risk.

5. “Good day”

Although “Good Day” is officially retired, there is no better ending performance than IU’s iconic three high notes, accompanied by fireworks.

6. “Pallet”

“Palette” is another song that IU has officially withdrawn from, but memories and emotions will remain in our hearts forever.

7. “Ah Puh”

IU always keeps its promises, which results in one of the sweetest moments during The Golden Hour.

8. “Strawberry Moon”

IU’s love for her fans knows no bounds, and the performance of “Strawberry Moon” will never be crowned.

9. ITZY as a special guest of IU

IU and ITZY have the most adorable friendship and they didn’t disappoint as her guest performers.


#itzy #iuconcert #thegoldenhour #fyp


10th 14th anniversary

14 years have passed and IU has promised Uaenas another 14 years in the future. We will be with her at every step.

11. Sold out shows

88,000 fans and they are all there for IU. Really South Korea’s most beloved artist.

12. “Hold my hand”

Another legendary concert “Hold My Hand” for history books.


hold my hand supremacy #TheGoldenHour #iu #leejieun #dlwlrma

♬ original sound – chatsare – chatsare

13. Fireworks

An amazing fireworks display combined with amazing instrumentals is the perfect break between IU’s performances.

14. “Above time”

In addition to the fireworks, IU stunned everyone with a gorgeous drone show, announcing to all of Seoul that it was her time to shine.

15. Ueny of all ages

No matter how old you are, it’s impossible not to fall in love with IU.

16. “Lilac”

IU came straight out of a fairy tale into our world and we have never been more blessed.

17. “Through the night”

Uenas sound just as magical as IU.

18. “My Sea”

1 million views for the most beautiful person singing the most powerful high-pitched sound ever.

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