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15 of the sweetest BTS Suga and J-Hope moments to give you some “sopamine” AKA Sope Dopamine

BTS‘s Suga and J-Hope have the sweetest friendship. They are both kind and loving people who would do anything for their friends, making their interactions even more valuable. Calling yourself “Sope”, check out below some of their best moments that will immediately put a smile on any ARMY’s face!

1. Conversation with yourself so close during their Golden Disk Awards interview

Who needs a personal space?

2. Opening of “Hwagae Market” during live broadcast

Will we ever see this duo return?

3. J-Hope supporting the music video of Agusta D’s “Daechwita”

He is so proud of his hyung!

4. Having fun together during the Idol Star Athletic Championship

Suga is so small and cute that it’s hard to resist.

5. Time for a break

Like J-Hope himself, his knees are always at hand.

6. Playing the game “Try not to laugh”

In the end, Suga won.

7. Being the sweetest flowers together

Is it a garden or a Sope?

8. Helping each other win Launch BTS!

They managed to accomplish the mission of taking photos together while stretching.

9. BFF from the beginning

Even in 2013, their brotherly bond was the sweetest!

10. Singing karaoke with all my heart

They may be rappers, but they have singing pipes.

11. Having a drink together

Suga’s pretty face + Hobi’s handsome face = Visual perfection!

12. Being mischievous with your own hyung

Suga’s platinum hair was amazing to J-Hope.

13. That funny moment during “Boy With Luv”

Nothing is more fun than making Suga embarrassed!

14. Being the cutest puppies

ARMY are ready to receive both!

15. Connecting to badminton

They’re so close they don’t mind holding hands!



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