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‘2022 K-POP GLOBAL MAP’ Was Revealed With Multiple 4th Generation Idols Appearing

K-pop Radar by music startup Space Oddity has unveiled the new “2022 K-POP GLOBAL MAP”.

“2022 K-POP GLOBAL MAP” is an updated version of “2019 K-POP GLOBAL MAP” released by K-pop Radar first in 2019. Includes a topographical map with details on how K-pop has changed in the 3 years following the Covid-19 pandemic.

K-pop Radar collected chart views and YouTube videos of 229 K-pop artists and announced major changes to the K-pop scene during the pandemic.

According to K-pop Radar, K-pop consumption has increased 2.5 times during the pandemic. This year alone, K-pop has recorded over 64.3 billion views on YouTube, with the largest share of 18.7% being BTS.

kpop global map 2022

BLACKPINK (11.3%), TWICE (5.8%) and Lisa (3.7%) took places from 2nd to 4th respectively. The TOP 10 also featured other singers such as Stray Kids, ITZY, SEVENTEEN, aespa , Dogs or IU.

Amid the rapid expansion of K-pop, the country that has consumed K-pop content the most are Japan and India. In the case of Japan, 3 years ago it ranked 6th on the list of K-pop consumers, but in 2022 it moved up to 2nd place.

Blackpink concert

After BTS, TWICE and BLACKPINK are gaining huge popularity in Japan. In addition, fourth generation idol groups including Stray Kids, ITZY, aespa, Enhypen, IVE, Kep1er and TXT are attracting attention and leading the new Korean wave in the country.

India, in particular, has not appeared in the rankings in the past, but after three years it has been recognized as an important K-pop market and has emerged as a potential consumer, ranking 4th in the 2022 list. on YouTube has grown over 1,000% in the last three years in India.

kpop global map 2022

Regarding the expansion of K-pop, K-pop Radar said: “It’s thanks to the emergence of ‘successful fourth generation idols who debuted during the pandemic’ in the market built by BTS and BLACKPINK”. Led by aespa, Enhypen and IVE, other well-known groups such as TREASURE, Kep1er, StayC, NMIXX, LE SSERAFIM, Weekly and Billlie are doing well by posting various content and organizing online concerts.

Seraphim thumbnail

Interesting facts can also be found in the section “K-pop from the perspective of Koreans and K-pop from the perspective of global fans”. Lisa, Stray Kids, Enhypen, TXT and TREASURE have proven their immense popularity overseas, but have not topped the popular idol rankings in Korea.

BTS is the most popular K-pop artist in the world, but it turns out that IU even surpassed BTS as the most popular artist in Korea.

kpop global map 2022

K-pop Radar said: “K-pop is now shifting from artist-centric consumption to general K-pop consumption”. 3 years ago, only 5 bands led half the popularity of K-pop. However, the data showed that there are currently 10 popular teams. Analysts say K-pop is being consumed as a general genre as newly debuting groups are mixed with strong older artists.

kpop global map 2022

Meanwhile, Space Oddity CEO Kim Hong Ki and music critic Cha Woo Jin will provide more data, analytics, and insights in about 30 minutes via the K-POP RADAR 2022 conference website and YouTube channel.

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