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4 female K-pop idols who criticized weight gain

Being a K-pop idol isn’t easy. In addition to busy and irregular schedules and the enormous pressure they face, idols are also subjected to criticism when it comes to the beauty standards set by Korean society. There is always debate about their height, appearance, and more often weight.

In fact, given how physically and mentally stressful it can be to be in the public eye, there are cases where idols gain weight for various reasons, leading to public scrutiny. Here are some of the K-pop idols who have criticized their weight gain.

1. NMIXX Jiwoo

(Photo: MBC)

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NMIXX only made its debut in February this year and has become one of the best groups of the fourth generation. But most recently in June, a member of Jiwoo, who is just 17 years old in international settlements, criticized her weight gain since her debut. She focused on her thick thighs and overall “chubby” proportions. In the end, Internet users called on the beginner idol to lose weight because they believed that it would only “worsen the image of the band”.

2. DOUBLE Jeongyeon

DOUBLE Jeongyeon

(Photo: Instagram: @jy_piece)
DOUBLE Jeongyeon

TWICE The Jeongyeon was criticized last year for its noticeable weight gain after returning from a hiatus in 2021 and again earlier this year. However, her weight gain was due to the medications she had to take for her mental anxiety. Despite the reason for her weight gain, Internet users continued to criticize the idol, prompting fans to constantly defend Jeongyeon against haters.

3. LIVE Liz


(Photo: Twitter: @IVE_twt)

Liz made her debut with IVE in December 2020 and quickly gained attention with her gorgeous visuals. But nine months after her debut, Internet users noticed that Liz had gained a little weight. They noticed that Liz’s cheeks and chin grew plumper compared to her thinner and more expressive face when she made her debut. While many praised Liz for her weight gain, even calling her “cute”, others felt that this did not fit the K-pop idol and studied her thoroughly.

4. CL


(Photo: cm)

CL has had some tough years leading both after the breakup of 2NE1 and when she started focusing on her solo career since the group’s hiatus. While it promoted the 2NE1, the CL had leaner proportions. However, in 2018, she had a sudden, extreme weight gain, leading many to speculate that she had health problems. But it was due to adapting to life in another country. No wonder that Internet users did not take too kindly her new form and we quickly attacked her.

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What do you think about gaining weight by these idols?

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