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4 foreign K-pop idols who have hilariously forgot how to speak their own languages

4 foreign K-pop idols who have hilariously forgot how to speak their own languages

K-pop is one of the most beloved genres around the world, so it’s no surprise that many choose to pursue careers in the Korean industry. Thanks to this, many non-Koreans try their hand at becoming a K-pop idol, leaving their homeland in pursuit of their dreams. And like every overseas K-pop idol in the industry, they had to spend time learning Korean, and most of the time Japanese.

But since they spend most of their time speaking Korean, there are times when they forget their language! Here are some foreign K-pop idols who have hilariously forgot how to speak their own language!

1. TWICE Momo

There are three Japanese members in TWICE – Mina, Sana and Momo. All three are fluent in Korean, considering how long they have lived in the country. However, there are times when they are hilariously forgetting how to speak Japanese!

Momo in particular is a member who made a lot of laughter when she couldn’t speak Japanese because she stumbled upon her words and even forgot how to pronounce some of them! In fact, her Korean colleagues even had to help her as she speaks Japanese during their promotion in Japan.


Lisa, a BLACKPINK member, is a multilingual queen who is fluent in four languages: Korean, Japanese, English and her native Thai. But knowing that in many languages, there can come a time when the words get confused in your head and you end up forgetting some words.

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In the case of Lisa, a BLACKPINK member made everyone laugh and confused when she had trouble counting in Thai during a JTBC episode Idol’s room. Even more fun was the fact that the hosts of the show had to teach Lisa the Thai word for the number zero.

3. Kep1er Hikaru

A budding Hikaru idol who is one of the Japanese members Planet of the Girls 999formed the girl band Kep1er, she has moments when she struggles with speaking Japanese with how often she speaks Korean. In fact, the Kep1ians (the Kep1er fandom) are even jokingly wondering if Hikaru can still speak Japanese.

When Hikaru has to speak Japanese now, the singer of “WA DA DA” has to spend a few seconds on Load it and think about the word he has to say to make others laugh in his fluent but broken Japanese.

4. GOT7 BamBam

Another Thai idol who struggled with his own language is GOT7 member BamBam! The Thai idol often speaks English when he does not need to speak Korean. So when he speaks Thai, it doesn’t come without difficulties.

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Along with other GOT7 members, he attended the event where BamBam led the way by speaking to the audience in Thai. However, at that time, BamBam could not help but come across his words and pronunciation. Considering Thai is his native language, BamBam burst out laughing at his hilarious mistake.

Who do you know of other idols who have forgotten their languages?

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