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4 K-pop songs with laugh lyrics: “In the morning”, “Dice”, “More”!

Listeners are used to hearing high notes, quick raps and harmony in the song. But what if a song includes an unexpected laugh in its lyrics? Would you be scared? Or is this one of the unique flavors K-pop is beginning to create in this genre?

If you thought that laughter is only heard every time someone casts a joke, these K-pop songs will make you think twice!

Here are 4 K-pop songs with laugh lines:

1. “Frost” via TXT

(Photo: Twitter | @BIGHIT_MUSIC)

According to MOA, this TXT track offers a natural progression that matches the rock influence of “The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE”. Featuring a fantastic music video, “Frost” not only showed the distorted TXT vocals, but also the unexpected guest included in the lyrics.

As the music video tried to depict the boy’s emotional cuts, a sudden laugh appeared in the song. Can you guess who from the vocalists of “Frost” laughed at this song? Let us now test your MOA knowledge.

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Interestingly, the group’s maknae, Huening Kai, is the owner of the laugh that could be heard in the music video. In a live broadcast, maknae from TXT said all members tried a portion of the laugh, but the producers said his laughter matched the song. Consequently, his laugh was chosen.

MOAs commented that Huening Kai’s laugh in Frost made them goose bumps, proving his laugh fit the song.

Spy Huening Kai’s laughter on Frost by watching the music video here:

2. “Morning” by ITZA


(Photo: Twitter | @ITZYofficial)

Burning like the elusive mafias, ITZY has proven their songs to be among the most unpredictable in the industry. Flaunting its minimalist rhythm, ITZY experimented with the concept of falling in love with a girl, showing off its sharp side.

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Two surprising laughs contained in the lyrics increased the elegance and sharpness of the song. The first laugh came from dancer-rapper Ryujin, while the second laugh suddenly took on a “maniacal” tone, smoothing out the aura of “girl domination” in the song.

Watch ITZY transform into mysterious mafias ready to steal your heart:

3. “Thunder” Stray Kids

Stray children

(Photo: Twitter | @Stry_Kids)

Fresh after bringing the crown home KingdomStray Kids are back with a surprising longplay album, the title track using traditional instruments, which is experimental on K-pop.

After the release of “Thunderous” they fell in love with STAYs, mainly due to the integration of traditional instruments into the song. The bop bonus is the “little laugh” that can be heard in the song before the second chorus and transition.

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Also, the laughter part of the song has a fantastic choreography that imitates the movement of the lips every time someone laughs.

It was revealed in the Bang Chan episode on VLive that the laugh in the song was his.

Watch Stray Kids redefine the K-pop genre here:

4. “Bones” by NMIXX


(Photo: Twitter | @NMIXX_official)

JYP Entertainment’s vocal debut group is back in an attempt to create a new K-pop sub-genre with the song “Dice”.

In addition to the reputation of polarizing NMIXX singles, this comeback has allowed the girls to show off their impressive vocal abilities and unique timbre. Consequently, like their ITZY and Stray Kids seniors who included surprising laugh lines in their songs, NMIXX did too!

Do you want to notice when laughter was heard in the video? Then click on the video below!

Haven’t you watched NMIXX’s last comeback? Watch “Bones” here:

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Is there another song you’d like to add to this playlist? Feel free to share those below!

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