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4 performances that showed amazing improvement in the 6th episode of “Boys Planet”.

4 performances that showed amazing improvement in the 6th episode of “Boys Planet”.

After a tough round of eliminations last week, we’re back to work with Boys Planet Episode 6. The next round, called the Two-Position Battle, focuses on two of the three cornerstones of K-pop performances – dance, vocals and raps – to create unique covers of well-known K-pop classics. It’s a challenge for even the most experienced of the group, but pushes the interns to become the best. Watch out for spoilers if you can’t keep up with the latest episodes!

1. The “home” team.

SEVENTEEN’s songs are never easy to perform – they are danceable and usually require the strongest vocalists. “Home” is no exception, and the interns had a lot of problems at first. Their initial review from the masters of the show wasn’t very flattering on the choreography, but by making adjustments to show off their best aspects, they created an amazing scene. Improvement in skills for sure, but trainees also improved their performance awareness.

2. The band “Love Killa”.

This team was the textbook definition of the word “improvement”. Despite having several high-ranking trainees, their initial evaluation was very poor. MONSTA X’s “Love Killa” is surprisingly difficult to sing, and the trainees’ original choreography was not well received. However, thanks to a lot of practice, they managed to stun the masters of the show (and the audience!) with their cool and strong performance. The change from start to finish is unbelievable!

3. Team “ZOOM”.

It’s important that the “killing part” of each scene be as polished as possible, which was a big responsibility for trainee Park Hyun Bin. He felt pressured and even asked if he should switch parts with someone else. However, the team decided to keep it as the hub – and worked very hard to make sure the killing part was flawless. The end result was an amazing performance without a doubt, and watching Hyun Bin progress with the whole team was amazing.

4. “GANG” detachment.

One of the hardest parts for many of the trainees was learning how to create their own choreography, and GANG had a particularly hard time. Their stage was designed to be almost entirely original, and none of the trainees had much choreography experience. However, they were quick to learn, and thanks to their attention to every detail, they made their performance exceptional. Acquiring a new skill is never easy, and they did it under pressure!

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