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4 things we loved about the premiere of “Once Upon a Time in a Small Town”

With the promise of being a heartwarming and healing drama, Once Upon a Small Town has the potential to be a drama that touches your heart. Based on the Internet novel of the same name, it tells the story of Han Ji Yool (Chu Young Woo), a Seoul vet who is tricked into moving to the countryside to temporarily work in his grandfather’s veterinary practice. There she meets the capable and reliable Ahn Ja Young (Rad Velvet’s Joy), a policewoman known for helping everyone with everything, and her best friend Lee Sang Hyun (Baek Sung Chul). The premiere episodes are full of humor, chaos, and romance – the best things K-dramas are known for. Here are some of the best parts of the premiere!

Warning: Spoilers for launch episodes below.

LOVED: Ahn Ja Young and Han Ji Yool’s blossoming relationship

With a bumpy, quarrelsome start and a secret childhood relationship that only one of them remembers, Ahn Ja Young and Han Ji Yool already embody some of the K-drama host’s best leads. However, what really strengthens their relationship as a swoon worthy is their conversation on the peach farm. Here, Han Ji Yool asks Ahn Ja Young who he relies on after offering to help him while in Heedong Village. Unable to answer, Ahn Ja Young looks perplexed as if no one has ever asked her about it before. Meanwhile, Han Ji Yool smiles to himself before going back to covering the peaches.

inspirational watching

inspirational watching

inspirational watching

While these kinds of scenes are nothing revolutionary for the romantic comedy genre, few are more romantic. Ahn Ja Young always cares about others and we have yet to see many people doing this. With a simple question, Han Ji Yool saw her and opened up a part of her heart that she carefully guarded. It’s simple but honest and makes you excited to see Han Ji Yool transform into someone Ahn Ja Young can rely on.

LOVED: Ahn Ja Young and Lee Sang Hyun’s sweet friendship

From their comedic quarrels to soothing nighttime conversations and much more, Ahn Ja Young and Lee Sang Hyun have multiple scenes that show how deep their long-standing friendship is. A particularly conspicuous scene where Ahn Ja Young calls out Lee Sang Hyun for being petty while selling a car with Han Ji Yool.

mostly fate

mostly fate

Often in K-dramas, the jealousy and petty behavior of the other male protagonist can remain uncontrollable. So, it’s quite refreshing to see Ahn Ja Young holding Lee Sang Hyun accountable, assuring him that their relationship will remain. Communication is important in any relationship, whether platonic or romantic, and this scene really talks about just how open-minded, sensitive, and honest the two are. It will be fun to see their dynamics evolve as the love triangle progresses through the rest of the drama.

LOVE: Village Team

Of course, country drama wouldn’t be complete without a team of unconventional villagers to charm your heart. From the bossy but good-natured ladies of the Women’s Association (Baek Ji Won, Park Ji Ah, and Yoo Yeon) to the laid-back and quirky nurse Yeong Suk (Park Ye Ni), many of the villagers stand out. However, the lovable Kim Seon Dong (Jung Si Youl) is sure to win your heart with actions such as alerting Ahn Ja Young about the thief at Han Ji Yool’s house and helping her track down the house. The next day, Ahn Ja Young takes him to school and thanks him for helping him catch the wrong guy.

There is nothing more to say than that their scenes together are super fun to watch. Joy and Jung Si Youl play well together, and you can’t help but smile every time they interact!

LOVED: Scenes with animals

From chickens to goats to stray dogs, Once Upon a Small Town features tons of animals in the first three episodes. However, the most notable scene with the animals is unvaccinated pigs. In the second episode, Han Ji Yool’s first visit that day is to vaccinate more than 20 pigs. There he meets Ahn Ja Young and together they undertake the task, using all their efforts to pursue them, pick them up and fire them.

my joy

my joy

While this scene is very comedic, it’s also impressive when you think about it. For starters, Joy and Chu Young Woo seem extraordinary because they are able to collect so many pigs – especially how much the pigs writhe – but it also makes you think of large animal vets in real life. While the scene can be dramatized, it’s worth knowing that they’ll likely face similar situations each day. It also makes you wonder what animals the next drama will show?

Hey Soompiers! What were your favorite fragments of the premiere episodes of “Once Upon a Time a Little Town”? Let us know in the comments below!

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