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4 times the media royally screwed up the K-Pop news using the wrong photos

Everyone makes mistakes, but not every mistake makes headlines. Covering K-Pop news can be difficult for news sites, TV shows, and magazines that are not very familiar with the Korean entertainment industry. Unfortunately, sometimes a minor mistake, such as using the wrong photo, can cause a lot of controversy. Here are 4 times it happened.

1. BTS V and the scandal with the blazing sun

In 2019, a Peruvian news service, Republic, published a story about celebrities who were allegedly involved in K-Pop’s most famous sex scandal at the time: the Burning Sun Scandal. Photo of V was mistakenly placed in a miniature, causing an immediate reaction.

V was in no way involved in the scandal. The Outlet later replaced the original thumbnail with this one.

2. NCT 127 and BTS

In 2018, BTS and NCT 127 were invited to the American Music Awards. NCT attended the awards in person, while BTS (who were on tour at the time) were unable to collect their “Favorite Social Artist” award there.

NCT 127 | @ amas / Twitter

NCT 127 was confused with BTS not only by attendees but also by several news outlets.

Fans were particularly unhappy about it Times of Indiahighly regarded magazine which in this photo stands for NCT 127 “BTS”.

3. No. that SEVENTEEN

The French news site faced tremendous opposition after K-pop was mixed up SEVENTEEN

Seventeen | Magazine seventeen

… With Indonesian pop group Seventeen during coverage of the natural disaster.

Seventeen | NME news

In December 2018, hundreds of people lost their lives as the tsunami ravaged the islands of Sumatra and Java. The wave swept across the stage where Indonesian pop group Seventeen performed at Tanjung Lesun Beach Resort. If he was the only member to survive the tsunami.

Understandably, fans of both groups were outraged when Seventeen mingled with K-pop’s SEVENTEEN. This article was later revised.


During the interview Cold game‘s Chris Martin about the team’s cooperation with BTS, Kelly Clarkson show showed a photo that did not go unnoticed by fans.

BTS | @ bts_bighit / Twitter

A photo of a group of 7 boys BLITZERS was mistakenly used for BTS. At the time, BLITZERS was a relatively new K-Pop group.

BLITZERS | WUZO Entertainment

As fans noted, this isn’t the first time BLITZERS photos have been used for BTS news.

| @ DarkFiction / Twitter

| @ DarkFiction / Twitter


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