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5 iconic K-pop dance practices in the Halloween mood

Traditionally, when celebrating Halloween, people often do activities such as trick or treat, organizing and participating in costume balls, visiting haunted places, and watching horror-themed movies. Although this tradition was popularized in the West, Asians also participate in celebrating this event.

In the world of K-pop, K-idols celebrate Halloween with entertaining events, while most of the time, idols turn into their fans’ favorite characters. Costumes often include vampires, witches, Disney and anime characters, and famous villains from movies like Valak, Pennywise, Jigsaw, and Joker.

Interestingly, while wearing their promising Halloween costumes, the K-idols perform a choreographed dance as a memorial to Halloween.

With this gesture, K-pop idols hit two birds with one stone – stealing the hearts of fans with their performance and delighting them with creative and expressive costumes.

Here are 5 iconic K-pop dance exercises in a Halloween mood:


The B was incredibly charged when THE BOYZ dropped the Halloween version of the dance practice music video for MAVERICK, the title track on their third album of the single of the same name. A group of 11 boys have raised their Halloween costumes to A + level as they feature some notable characters such as Timmy Turner, the Genie from Aladdin, Cruella and more!

However, among the members, someone really caught the attention of the fans. According to The B, this member took a dancing practice on Halloween to live the moment of his life.

(Photo: Twitter || @WE_THE_BOYZ)

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As you can see from the social media posts, Q member has a lifelong love for Chucky’s doll collection. Perhaps without hesitation, THE BOYZ’s main dancer hoped against all hope to embody his favorite doll.

Chucky’s fanboy was even spotted by Chucky’s official Twitter account as he disguised himself as his favorite doll!

“WILD” by aespa

Hailing from a talent agency renowned for its annual Halloween celebrations, fans are betting on who aespa will be the epitome of their Halloween dancing practice.

At the height of the popularity of Squid Game, Aespa Karina, Giselle, Winter and Ningning joined the frenzy by disguising themselves as Squid Game Guardians, otherwise known as “Pink Soldiers” or “Masked Men”.

With the release of this dance exercise, fans must not underestimate the quartet’s charisma, visual and dance skills. Despite wearing costumes, the girls could stand out elegantly.

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Meanwhile, at SMTOWN Halloween Party 2021, Karina dressed up as the Queen of Hearts, Winter can’t get enough of the vibes of the Squid Game as she dressed like a Squid doll, Giselle adorned her Harley Quinn costume, and Ningning shone in her Black Swan costume. .


Marked by the title track, two members of NCT 127 disguised as vampires while the rest made fans go crazy and laugh.

Doyoung, who wore Shanks (from One Piece), was praised by fans for his enthusiasm to join the choreography despite having only one hand! Fans have even commented that Doyoung having only one hand wouldn’t stop him from killing those sharp moves.

On the other hand, Jungwoo killed another female character by disguising himself as Bella Cullen with Dusk. We didn’t get to see Bella dancing on the dance floor in the movie. What a surprise to find the Kwangya version of Bella lashing his hair with the steps of “Favorite”.

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Ultimately, fans commented on how fun it was to see Spiderman and a polar bear carrying a bottle of soda dancing to the song NCT 127!

Indeed, the standards of this dance practice are hard to beat! What does NCT 127 have for us in the coming Halloween 2022?


ITZY’s “WANNABE (Hero Ver.)” Is sure to be on the honorable list of K-pop’s iconic dance practices!

As the rest of the band members dance, our lovely strawberry Lia has a hard time joining the choreography due to the size of her costume.

Here are some of the fan comments about this dance practice:

“Lia is literally the sweetest dancing strawberry in the world”

“Their costumes are so perfectly suited to their personality. They laughed so much at Lia! “

“This Lia will be iconic forever.”

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Who said only Dr. Strange, Wonder Woman, Elsa and Black Widow could save the day?

Even our strawberry Lia can save your bad day by translating frowns into laughter!


Reaching 4.3 million views, this TXT Halloween dance caught MOA’s attention as fourth-generation IT boys not only proved themselves to be one of the highly synchronized groups, but also how their costumes fit their personality.

During this Harry Potter themed dance exercise, the boys splashed magic dust particles on the MOA-Potterheads, showing off their creative and cute edges.

It would be so surreal watching this dance training in 2022 as the current concepts of TXT are far away but tied to the concepts of their debut year.

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Who do you think should be added to this list? Comment on your bets below.

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