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5 iconic K-Pop Girl Group divisions

5 iconic K-Pop Girl Group divisions

Subunits are not uncommon in K-pop. Sometimes this is done for members to try out new concepts, and sometimes it can also be done if the group as a whole is taking a break. Here are the six most iconic girl groups in K-pop!

1. Red velvet – IRENE & SEULGI

(Photo: No Cut News)
5 iconic K-Pop Girl Group divisions

Irene and Seulgi from Red Velvet debuted as a sub-division on July 6, 2020 with the mini-album “Monster”. The album contained six songs and two singles, “Monster” and “Naughty.” They are the first division of Red Velvet.

Irene & Seulgi became the best-selling female sub-unit in South Korea in 2020. The girls’ band promoted themselves in music programs and even performed on TIME100 Talks. The event helped world leaders talk about innovative solutions to global problems.

2. Generation of girls-Oh! GG

5 iconic K-Pop Girl Group divisions

(Photo: By Like a Fool – 170813 Girls’ Generation Yeouido IFC Mall fan signing, CC BY 4.0)
5 iconic K-Pop Girl Group divisions

Girls’ Generation-Oh! GG, or simply known as Oh! GG, is SNSD’s second division. They debuted in 2018 after Seohyun, Sooyoung, and Tiffany left SM Entertainment. All members of the sub-unit are those who remained under the banner.

The group of girls debuted with the single “Lil ‘Touch”. They remained inactive until 2021. They reunited in December 2021 to release the song “Melody” for “2021 Winter SM Town: SMCU”.

3. Orange caramel

5 iconic K-Pop Girl Group divisions

(Photo: By idol-story.com – http://www.idol-story.com/entry/101229-sbs%EA%B0%80%EC%9A%94%EB%8C%80%EC%A0% 84% EC% 98% A4% EB% A0% 8C% EC% A7% 80% EC% B9% B4% EB% 9D% BC% EB% A9% 9C, CC BY 2.0 kr)
5 iconic K-Pop Girl Group divisions

Orange Caramel is a division of the girls’ group Pledis Entertainment After School. The trio consists of Rainy, Nana and Lizzy. They debuted in June 2010 with the single “Magic Girl”.

While they were successful, Orange Caramel’s operations were suspended in 2016. Lizzy left the company in 2018, and Raina a year later. Since then, only Nana is under the brand. However, all three members are listed on the Orange Caramel website.

4. Sistar19

5 iconic K-Pop Girl Group divisions

(Photo: Korea.net / Korean Culture and Information Service (photographer’s full name), CC BY-SA 2.0)
5 iconic K-Pop Girl Group divisions

Sistar is the only sub-unit of the girls’ SISTAR group. The duo are Bora and Hyolyn. In May 2011, they released the album “Ma Boy” and became well known for their second release, “Gone Not Around Any Longer”.

Sistar19 disbanded on June 4, 2017, following the official dissolution of SISTAR as a whole.


5 iconic K-Pop Girl Group divisions

(Photo: Seoul Economic Journal)
5 iconic K-Pop Girl Group divisions

WJSN THE BLACK debuted in May 2021 with members SeolA, Ezy, Bona and Eunseo. They are the second sub-unit of WJSN after WJSN CHOCOME. They released the single “My Attitude” and the single “Easy” for their debut.

The album did relatively well in South Korea, peaking at number six on the Circle Album Charts. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, WJSN THE BLACK has not returned.

Which subgroup of K-pop girls is your favorite? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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