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5 K-pop groups that are extremely popular in some countries

5 K-pop groups that are extremely popular in some countries

While K-pop groups usually seek to gain popularity in their home country of South Korea, it cannot be helped that they are also attracting attention from outside the country. In fact, K-pop artists now also focus on promoting themselves to international fans. While many groups have good observations in almost every country around the world, there are some that can boast of immense popularity in certain regions.

Here are some of the K-pop groups that are extremely popular in some countries.

1. Stone – Philippines

(Photo: Twitter: @offclLapillus)

Despite its rookie status, MLD Entertainment’s female group Lapillus enjoys great popularity. The group in particular is especially popular in the Philippines, with a big contributor being its Filipino-Argentine member, Chanty!

Prior to her debut with the group, Chanty already worked in the entertainment industry in the Philippines, where she worked as an actress and model.

2. CARD – Brazil


(Photo: Facebook: KARD)

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When KARD made its debut, it pointed out that it is a co-educational group, which is not as common in the industry now as it was before.

But since then, KARD has gained many supporters in Latin American countries such as Brazil so far. This is probably due to the band’s songs, which are typically tropical house music, and cater to the musical preferences of Brazilian fans.

3. SECRET NUMBER – Indonesia


(Photo: Instagram: @ secretnumber.official)

SECRET NUMBER debuted in May 2020, initially with five members. As with Lapillus, SECRET NUMBER has gained popularity in Indonesia as one of its members, Dita, is Indonesian. Not only that, she is the first Indonesian woman to debut as a K-pop idol, attracting countrymen’s attention to the group.

4. MOMOLANDA – Philippines


(Photo: Facebook: MOMOLAND)

Another group that has shown huge popularity in the Philippines is Lapillus’ senior colleague MOMOLAND. Although there is no Filipino member in their group, MOMOLAND was able to win the hearts of many Filipinos as their song “BBoom BBoom” went viral and raged in the country. In fact, the song was so popular it was literally played wherever you go.

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To this day, the group enjoys popularity in the Philippines. They even signed a deal with the ABS-CBN media company to actively promote in the country.

5. ENHYPEN – Japan


(Photo: Twitter: @ENHYPEN)

Overall, Japan is a country where K-pop is very popular, especially since most groups are actively promoting there. But ENHYPEN boasts a huge fan base among Japanese fans, partying due to their origins to a survival show. I-LAND be well received there. In addition, ENHYPEN themselves have one Japanese member, Ni-ki.

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