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5 K-pop groups that gained popularity after changing the concept

5 K-pop groups that gained popularity after changing the concept

Due to the many K-pop groups that have already debuted, it is difficult to get noticed by the public, especially if the concept and sound that one group represents are already being used by others before you. To stand out in a huge sea of ​​K-pop idol groups, one of the best ways is to change the concept and sound, something that is unique from the rest. And that’s exactly what the five K-Pop groups below did.

5 K-pop groups that rose to fame after a change of concept

Girls day

(Photo: Instagram: @dte_girlsday)
5 K-pop groups that rose to fame after a change of concept

First we have Girl’s Day which debuted in July 2010 with his first song “Tilt My Head”. Then they abandoned songs such as “Nothing Lasts Forever”, “Twinkle Twinkle”, “Hug Me Once”, “Oh! My God, “Don’t Forget Me,” and “White Day,” all of which displayed a clear and / or innocent image of members.

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However, thanks to these releases, the girls only gained little fame. But in 2013, they switched to a sexy concept to come back with “Waiting.” The song was a commercial success and was even awarded the Long-Lasting Song of the Year at the Gaon Chart Music Awards. They became popular after the release of “Something”, which also had a sexy concept.



(Photo: Facebook: BTS)
5 K-pop groups that rose to fame after a change of concept

Another K-pop group that has been successful after the concept change is BTS. When they debuted in 2013, their concept and sound were heavily influenced by hip-hop. Their early years in the industry brought significant successes and more, but after a significant change of sound, starting with “I Need U” and their series of songs and albums “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life”, the fame of the septet gradually declined.

But BTS continued to experiment with sound changes and some may argue that the boys have become more mainstream compared to the hip-hop sound and style in which they originally debuted. With this transition, BTS has been more successful than ever.


AOA Angels Knock

(Photo: Facebook: AOA)
5 K-pop groups that rose to fame after a change of concept

Then AOA made its debut in 2012 and was run as a dance group and ensemble at the same time. Although there were eight members, only seven members promote themselves as a dance group since Youkyung (who is now a former member) only participates when the group promotes itself as a band.

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Their career breakthrough came in 2014, however, when they released the song “Mini Skirt” which contained a sexy concept. It was followed by the song “Like a Cat”, which additionally presented a sexy image of the girls.


Dream catcher maison

(Photo: Twitter: @kpop_sbs)
5 K-pop groups that rose to fame after a change of concept

Dreamcatcher initially debuted as a quintet under the name MINX in 2014. Their first song was “Why Did You Come to My Home” followed by “Love Shake” in 2015.

They had a clear picture and both songs had a more cheerful tone and sound. However, their sales for the first two years in the industry did not meet the company’s expectations, and the girls, unfortunately, did not stand out in the music scene.

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Fast forward to 2017, Happy Face Entertainment made their debut with the girls’ group again, adding two members and changing the group’s name to Dreamcatcher. Their debut song “Chase Me” had a much darker tone and sound, which was a big departure from MINX. Their sound usually appeals to J-rock fans and others who like heavy guitars and strings.

golden child

Golden Child RATA-TAT-TAT

(Photo: Facebook: Golden Child)
5 K-pop groups that rose to fame after a change of concept

Golden Child is a K-pop group that has become more popular after a change of concept.

After its debut in 2017 with “DamDaDi”, Golden Child exuded a fun, vibrant image not often found in today’s K-pop boys. They then returned with “It’s U”, “Let Me” and “Genie” which additionally showed a clear and innocent image of the rookie group.

However, while their initial success was admirable, they never won on the music program for the first few years.

At the end of 2018, Golden Child returned with “Wannabe” which showed a more mature side of the boys and had a more fashionable, darker sound. The change in concept and sound paid off when they achieved their first appearance on a music show in December 2019.

Which other K-pop groups have achieved success after switching to a concept other than their original? Name them in the comment box below!

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