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5 K-pop idols that haven’t made their solo debuts yet, but can definitely kill as soloists

5 K-pop idols that haven’t made their solo debuts yet, but can definitely kill as soloists

In the K-pop landscape, individual idols stand out with their special skills, which are rooted in the position that the agency has assigned them. Nevertheless, a handful of K-pop idols are considered “all-rounders” and therefore can kill in the fields of rap, dance and vocal.

Moreover, some are also talented in songwriting, production, choreography and even fashion styling! With such sets of talents, there is no doubt that if these K-pop idols decide to debut as soloists, the door to fame and success is alive and tangible.

Some fans have stated that versatile K-pop fans should get the chance to make their solo career debut as it will give them the light they deserve.

This article introduces 5 K-pop idols who haven’t made their solo album debuts yet but have the potential to carve a career legacy with their reputation and talent.

Here are 5 K-pop idols that have yet to solo debut but can kill like one:

1. Han’s stray children

(Photo: Instagram || @straykids_official_jp)

There is no doubt that Stray Kids is a group whose members are full of talent. They are among the groups that are known for producing their songs.

Thanks to the group’s broad talent, the Han name is one of the most mentioned when fans talk about who deserves a solo career debut.

At the tender age of 22, Han exemplifies his outstanding skills and potential in singing, rapping and songwriting. When it comes to rapping, Han joins the list of the fastest rappers in the K-pop industry along with fellow mate Changbin, not to mention he has crazy visuals and praiseworthy English speaking skills!

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Although Han is not part of the Dance Rach team (consisting of Felix, Hyunjin and Lee Know), he has proven his impressive stage presence and dancing skills during performances, which then reflects his love of his craft and career.

Ultimately, he is part of the 3RACHA trio, the unit responsible for producing and composing Stray Kids’ hits.

2. DOUBLE Chaeyoung

TWICE Chaeyoung

(Photo: Instagram || @ chaeyo.0)

Even on the days before the debut in SIXTEENChaeyoung was a star. For fans and experts, Chaeyoung is the complete package as it excels at rapping, singing, dancing, styling and songwriting.

Co-maknae TWICE has even been complimented by veteran rapper San E. Impressively, she is known for writing rap lyrics which she weaves into the songs she covers. For example, when she wowed everyone with her cover of “Honey”, a song originally written by JYP.

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Even though she is a TWICE resident, Chaeyoung also has vocal abilities, as manifested when she sang the main part of TWICE’s “Precious Love” and her song covers such as “Alone” Cheeze.

3. NCT Taeil

Taeil.  NCT

(Photo: Naver x Shipping)

One of SM Entertainment’s vocal models and NCT’s pride is Moon Taeil. Taeil has been showing and proving his talent since NCT’s debut, and above all, his extraordinary vocal scale.

Not to mention, fans notice that the lead singer gives 100% on each of his performances, concerts and returns.

However, NCTzens have noticed that with each return, Taeil has the least screen time in the title track’s music videos. Consequently, reinforcing the call for lead singer to be in the spotlight with his solo album debut.

Fans believe that much like EXO’s Chen and Baekhyun, Taeil is sure to kill a solo career.

Recently, Taeil had the opportunity to release a song with Yangyang and Kun of WayV on SM Station, titled “Rainy Day”.

NCTzens hope that, like Mark, Jaehyun, Taeyong, and Ten, SM Entertainment will give Taeil a solo project at SM Station.

4. DOUBLE Jihyo

Jihyo.  TWICE

(Photo: Instagram || @_zyozyo)

The nine-man girly group from JYP entertainment is individually stunning as they have unique talents that set them apart in the industry. TWICE leader Jihyo is one of the top idols whose solo debut is expected, not only ONCE, but K-pop fans in general.

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After 10 years of training, it is clear how Jihyo has consolidated her vocal, dancing skills and stage presence. Not to mention, it has an inspiring way to drive DOUBLE which gives you the impression of what it is as an individual.

When Nayeon left “POP” three months ago, fans were more optimistic about JYP Entertainment, giving Jihyo a solo project.

5. BTS Jungkook

Jungkook BTS

(Photo: Instagram || @ bts.bighitofficial)

In addition to being BTS lead singer and lead dancer, ARMYs call Jungkook the “Golden Maknae”, which is rooted in how “almost flawless” the artist is.

Regarding his vocal abilities, he proved his skills through individual and group collaborations with other K-pop and Western artists. His stage performances are also applauded for his smooth yet sharp and powerful movements.

Incredibly, Jungkook is also a capable rapper. This aspect of maknae was released when he recorded some rap parts in “Ddaeng” on the fifth Muster.

With his outstanding talents, it’s no wonder fans look forward to Jungkook’s solo career in the future.

Stream Jungkook’s collaboration with Charlie Puth here.

What about you, faithful reader. Who do you think should be added to this list? Share your thoughts below.

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