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5 K-Pop Idols We Can Scream With While Watching Horror Movies: TWICE Momo, BLACKPINK Jennie, More

5 K-Pop Idols We Can Scream With While Watching Horror Movies: TWICE Momo, BLACKPINK Jennie, More

Horror is a popular genre loved by most people, and that’s a fact. Watching a horror movie with someone brave is fun, but there’s no doubt that it’s just as chaotic watching it with a friend who isn’t afraid to express how scared they are.

It is widely believed that people love horror movies also because of the reactions of other viewers.

Without further ado, here are 5 K-pop idols we can scream with while watching horror movies!

1. TWICE Momo

(Image: TWICE Instagram)

TWICE Momo is one of K-pop’s most charismatic lead dancers. However, her brash demeanor wears off in the face of something terrifying, leading to some adorable reactions! She is also known for her high-pitched scream, which has been displayed several times.

ONCEs even joked why Momo wasn’t chosen as the lead vocalist considering how effortlessly she reaches the high notes with her screams! Momo has had many iconic reactions to her credit. This is displayed during the time she used to go on rides such as the cable car, roller coaster, and drop tower.


BLACKPINK Jennie draws mixed reactions to events abroad - why is it a big deal?

(Photo: Jennie (Instagram))

BLACKPINK Jennie joins the list for her adorable reactions, especially to the scary moments. When it comes to scary situations, her wildness disappears in the blink of an eye, revealing how gentle and caring she is. With her cute cheeks, Jennie also proves that she’s cutest when she’s scared, which makes fans love her even more!

3. Former IZ*ONE Kim Minju

Kim Minju

(Photo: Pinterest)

Idol and actress Kim Minju is also popular for her expression in scary moments. The former member of IZ*ONE is one of the most scared cats in the group that fans absolutely love her. If scary moments happen around her, Minju won’t hesitate to show her shock!

4. Red Velvet Irene

The former

(Photo: Irene)

Red Velvet frontman Irene is also famous for her facial expressions. Irene may be known for being fierce and protective. However, they all disappear when he sees something surprising or scary. This makes her the perfect partner for watching horror movies.

5. Apink Chorong

Apink Chorong

(Photo: Instagram: @mulgokizary)

Last on the list is Chorong from Apink. Fans know her for being afraid of frogs, heights and loud noises. He may be the wise leader of Apinka, but when it comes to scary moments, he shows off his cute reactions. You would definitely like to keep an eye on her while watching horror movies!

Do you know any other idols who have funny reactions while watching a horror movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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