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5+ K-pop idols who changed their nicknames mid-career

Most of the time, K-pop idols make their debut under a pseudonym if they don’t use their real names. These stage names become part of who they are, and it’s a name that will be remembered even when they retire from the idol’s life. While most idols stick to promotion using the stage names they made their debut with during their careers, some eventually change their nicknames!

Here are some of the K-pop idols who changed their nicknames mid-career.

1. GOT7 Junior to Jinyoung

(Photo: Instagram: @ jinyoung_0922jy)
Jinyoung. with GOT7

In January 2014, GOT7 made its debut at JYP Entertainment. Before he became commonly known as Jinyoung, a GOT7 member was first known as Junior. He initially chose the nickname Junior because his full name was the same as founder and CEO of JYP Entertainment Park Jin Young (JY Park), making him literally Park Jin Young a junior. However, he decided to use his real name after discussing it with his family in August 2016.

2. From dawn to dawn


(Photo: Instagram: @ hyojong_1994)

DAWN initially made his debut as a member of the boys’ group Cube Entertainment PENTAGON in October 2016. At the time, DAWN was promoting under the pseudonym E’Dawn. But after leaving the agency and stepping out of the group, the former PENTAGON member changed his stage name to simply DAWN. While he never explained the reason for the name change, it likely signals his new beginning as a solo artist.

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3. Yeeun to HA: TFELT

HA: felt

(Photo: Instagram: @hatfelt)
HA: felt

Yeeun made her debut with Wonder Girls using her real name in February 2007. In fact, she used her real name to promote with Wonder Girls for the next decade. But during her time with Wonder Girls, Yeeun made her solo debut in 2014 using the stage name HA: TFELT (pronounced “heartfelt”). Since the group broke up in 2017, he has been promoting under a new pseudonym.

4. MONSTA X Jooheon to Joohoney

MONSTA X Joohoney

(Photo: Instagram: @joohoneywalker)
MONSTA X Joohoney

MONSTA X rapper Joohoney made his debut under the stage name Jooheon, which is actually his real name. However, in 2019, he changed his stage name to Joohoney. According to Jooheon, the reason he decided to change his name was because people often mistook his name for Joohyeon. He then chose Joohoney as his stage name as it’s easier for fans all over the world to pronounce.

5. Rap ​​Monster BTS for RM


(Photo: Instagram: @rkive)

In June 2013, the leader and rapper BTS chose the appropriate stage name for his debut – Rap Monster. But after his debut, he discovered that he shared love and hate with this name and that it had no incredible value to him. He then changed his name to simply RM in November 2017 as he believed that the name Rap Monster no longer represented who he was or the type of music he was making.

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6. iKON members


(Photo: Facebook: iKON)
Up (left to right) DK and Jay / Down (left to right) Song and Chan

In May 2017, iKON announced that several of its members would change their stage names as part of the “New Kids” concept, meaning new beginnings and a new style. While members of Bobby, Ju-Ne and the then BI member kept their stage names, Donghyuk changed his name to DK, Jinhwan to Jay, Yunyheong to Song and Chanwoo to Chan.

Which famous K-pop idols have changed their nicknames?

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