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5 K-pop idols who once deleted their SNS accounts + reasons

5 K-pop idols who once deleted their SNS accounts + reasons

Social media has good results, such as keeping in touch with family and friends wherever they are in the world, and keeping up to date with the latest events. But it also has negative effects such as cyberbullying, spreading rumors, malicious comments. Given the bad effects of social media, it’s not a big surprise that many people, especially celebrities like K-pop idols, get tired and decide to delete their accounts.

Below is a list of a few K-pop idols who once deleted their SNS accounts.

5 K-pop idols who once deleted their SNS accounts + reasons

Kang Daniel

(Photo: Twitter: @konnect_danielk)
5 K-pop idols who deleted their SNS accounts + reasons

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While Kang Daniel currently has an Instagram account (@ daniel.k.here), he once had an IG account when he competed on Mnet’s “Produce 101” (season 2). But suddenly he deleted his account and no one knows what prompted him to do so. This could possibly be due to hateful comments about him.

Block B U-Kwon


(Photo: Instagram: @ uk_0530)
5 K-pop idols who deleted their SNS accounts + reasons

Like Kang Daniel, Block B U-Kwon also had an Instagram account prior to his current one (@ uk_0530). He closed his IG account in 2014 after receiving nasty comments when his then-girlfriend Jun Sunhye grabbed a bouquet at a wedding.

In fact, his girlfriend at the time was the first to decide to delete his IG account and he soon followed suit, disappointing many fans. Fortunately, he created a new one.

Former SEO jewelry at a young age

Positioning jewelry at a young age

(Photo: Instagram: @ seoin0)
5 K-pop idols who deleted their SNS accounts + reasons

Another K-pop idol who has deleted his SNS account is former Jewelry Seo In Young member. Her decision to delete her account came after she was embroiled in controversy.

In 2017, there was a video leak and a long post about how Seo In Young abused employees while filming the JTBC reality show “With You” in Dubai. Earlier, the program had already been canceled without explanation.

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But due to a video leak and a post by a member of JTBC staff, people speculated that Seo In Young was the main reason for the show’s cancellation. However, JTBC officials later said that Seo In Young and Crown J had decided to cancel their participation in the show and that the show suddenly ended.

Former Jewelry member Seo In Young now has a new Instagram account.



(Photo: Instagram: @ leo_jungtw)
5 K-pop idols who deleted their SNS accounts + reasons

In 2016, VIXX Leo ended the deletion of his social media accounts after the fan club owner turned other fans against him. The conflict began when a fan club administrator identified as “Close To You” posted an obscure photo of Leo in a birthday hat with the words “Together” on his IG account.

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Other fans who saw this accused Jellyfish Entertainment of scheduling a special fan site event and called for a boycott. There were fans who left comments on VIXX Leo’s Instagram and Twitter posts.

Fortunately, it was all cleared up after both Jellyfish Entertainment and “Close To You” made a statement. Now VIXX Leo publishes freely in his SNS accounts.

Former JYJ Yoochun Park

Yoochun Park

(Image: News1)
5 K-pop idols who deleted their SNS accounts + reasons

Former JYJ member Park Yoochun has deleted his Instagram account not only once, but three times. The first removal was in 2017 when he received a lot of hateful comments. He returned to IG some time later but removed it again in June 2018. In 2019 it was revealed that he had set up another IG account which was eventually deleted as well.

In 2020, Park Yoochun opened a new one Twitter and Instagram accounts that remain active until now.

Do you know any other K-pop idols who also deleted their SNS account and created a new one?

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