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5+ K-pop idols who went viral for comic reasons

5+ K-pop idols who went viral for comic reasons

Being a K-pop idol, one of the things they will need to be aware of is their image and reputation as well as their public activities. While this would normally lead to idols being more reserved when they are in the spotlight, some idols are okay with and aren’t afraid to let go in front of the camera. And when they do, some of them go viral!

Here are some of the K-pop idols who went viral for hilarious reasons!

1. DOUBLE Dahyun

(Photo: Gyfcat)
DOUBLE Dahyun’s “Eagle Dance”

As mentioned, K-pop idols care a lot about preserving their image. But TWICE member Dahyun is definitely someone who is more laid back. On several occasions, the singer “Talk That Talk” has become popular thanks to the fun “eagle dance” in which she aggressively waves her arms and body back and forth to resemble an eagle. To this day, fans still can’t help but laugh at Dahyun’s fun dance.

2. Jackson GOT7

Jackson 2019 MOM meme

(Photo: Mnet)
Jackson’s GOT7 response to MAMA 2019

GOT7 member Jackson is well known for creating worthy memes and related content with his witty statements and remarks, which is why he often goes viral.

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But in 2019, Jackson went viral with his iconic reaction to MAMAMOO Hwasy’s performance and JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young (JY Park) on Mnet Asian Music Awards (MOM). While they were all genuinely stunned, Jackson couldn’t help but be speechless at what he saw.

3. Orange caramel

Orange Caramel, a division of After School, was made up of members Nana, Lizzy and Raina. They are the group that created the hit song “Catallena”. Although the song is addictive in itself, the group became popular with a live intro of the song in which the members individually scream “Ha!”

What caught attention, and to the amusement of fans, was how Nana, Lizzy and Raina screamed “Ha!” differently, or rather comically.

4. SHINee Taemin

When you’ve been in the industry as long as Taemin, you’ll definitely want to finish off schedules and get home early. In the past Music bank broadcast, Taemin was hilariously and embarrassingly captured in front of the camera as he tried to leave the stage early after SEVENTEEN’s speech of their victory.

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As Taemin was caught by the camera, he tried to play it by jumping and dancing happily while constantly moving towards the stairs and standing there awkwardly.

5. Super Junior Heechul

Super Junior is a chaotic gang, so the ELFs (Super Junior fandom) are always treated to fun content from members. But member Heechul became popular after he recorded him from fancam during Super Junior Super Show 6 a concert in Beijing in 2014 circulated on the Internet.

In this video, the group performed their song “Evanesce” and the members entered the platform. However, Heechul seemed to be so focused (yet beyond that) that he didn’t step onto the platform with the others, leaving him below the stage. The rest of the members, like the ELF, couldn’t help but be so confused, yet found the situation amusing.

What was your favorite viral moment?

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