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5 K-pop idols with bizarre talents

5 K-pop idols with bizarre talents

Not only are K-pop idols exceptionally good at singing, dancing, and rapping, they also have a lot of talent waiting to be showcased. While most idols have a flair for cooking, art, sports, and even gardening, there are some who have some pretty interesting skills that make you do it twice.

With that, check out those K-pop idols with bizarre talents!

1. DOUBLE Dahyun

TWICE member Dahyun has some pretty interesting talents. One of her most famous talents that fans have no idea how she is doing is spotting cameras filming her even from a distance. But that’s not her weirdest talent. Interestingly, Dahyun can scare anyone by turning his entire body 180 degrees! With this talent, Dahyun can definitely star in a horror movie.

2. (G) I-DLE Soyeon

Many idols have tried to put a large amount of food in their mouths, but have they ever tried a real fist? For a member of the (G) I-DLE, Soyeon has an amazing talent for putting his entire fist in his mouth with ease! Her talent definitely reminds us of the Amanda Seyfried scene from the 2004 movie Mean girls.

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3. ATEEZ Jongho

When we cut something, we usually use our reliable knives to get the job done – especially for hard fruit and the like! But for ATEEZ member Jongho, he abandons a sharp object and chooses with his bare hands to make a cut for it! He exhibits this interesting but handy talent with ease on several occasions.

4. aespa winter

Being able to bend or change any part of the body can certainly scare people. Like Dahyun, aespa member Winter has a talent that engages her hands. For winter, the singer “Black Mamba” can simultaneously rotate both hands 360 degrees! Not only does it do it easily, but it also does it quickly, which leaves many in amazement!

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5. Seulga red velvet

Moreover, when it comes to the comedy side, if you’ve been a longtime fan of Red Velvet member Seulga, you may have noticed he has an unintended talent – walking like a ghost! For some reason, Seulgi is able to walk (or in this case, move) as if it was floating in the air. This is because Seulgi walks fairly quickly while keeping upper body movements to a minimum.


6. BTS Jimin

While technically not a talent, you have to give props to Jimin, the singer of “Yet to Come”, for falling consistently from the chair. What’s more fun is that a BTS member can sit properly in a chair, but still manages to fall down without any external force! How he succeeds is a mystery.

Which famous K-pop idols have bizarre talent?

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