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5 K-Pop Male Idols Who Look Expensive: NCT Jaehyun, EXO Sehun, More

5 K-Pop Male Idols Who Look Expensive: NCT Jaehyun, EXO Sehun, More

With an extraordinary fashion sense, NCT Jaehyun is on the list of expensive male idols. Most of the time, Jaehyun loves to wear comfortable clothes, and these consist of baggy jeans, denim or leather jackets, and bucket hats. He has an attitude that wearing less is definitely more and is in sync with his fashion sense which makes him look expensive.

2. EXO Sehun

(Photo: Instagram: oohsehun)
EXO Sehun

EXO Sehun is one of the most expensive looking idols. When it comes to fashion, he presented fans with different styles, earning him the title of “King of Fashion”.

In one of the interviews, he revealed that he can choose clothes the way he wants or try something unusual. She shares a process called “kku an kku,” which means beautifying yourself in unnoticeable ways, such as wearing accessories and matching them with complementary clothing.

3. ASTRO Cha Eun Woo

ASTRO Cha Eunwoo

(Photo: iNSTAGRAM: @eunwo.o_c)
ASTRO Cha Eunwoo

ASTRO Cha Eunwoo will always be on any list considering how expensive it is. The idol actor is well known for his talent and visual effects, especially the way he charms his fans. His style consists of an androgynous vibe, moving towards genderless fashion.

It’s amazing how naturally she can create style while having an expensive attitude. He also introduced fans to a beautiful burgundy leather handbag, which is mainly associated with women’s fashion.



(Photo: Twitter: @alkong_twt)

BTS RM has a style that is in Cardigan fashion, where she matches her clothes smartly and simply. Most of the time, RM either opted for coats or just wore T-shirts. Sometimes he added basic accessories such as sunglasses, hats or necklaces. This style, with his personality around his members and fans, is why he is considered an idol who looks expensive.

5. FREE KIDS Hyunjin


(Photo: @hyunjinpost)

Finally, we have STRAY KIDS’ Hyunjin on the expensive idol list. Most of the time, Hyunjin wears all-black style and royal-inspired clothing. This fits with his cute personality, making him one of the most expensive looking male idols in K-Pop.

If you know of more idols that look expensive but aren’t on the list, let us know in the comments!

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