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5 K-pop songs that start with a chorus part: “Left & Right”, “Love Talk” and more!

Musically, the chorus is one of the most anticipated parts as they capture the full climax of the hit, which is a huge payoff. On the other hand, it is here that listeners often discover the meaning of the piece.

So, have you ever wondered which K-pop songs started with the chorus? Perhaps this list is for you!

Here are five K-pop songs that start with a chorus:

1. “Left and Right” by SEVENTEEN

A 13-person boy group from Pledis Entertainment donated CARATs their seventh mini-album, Henggaraewhich presents fans with insights into SEVENTEEN’s history as a group. The main track on this album is the title track “Left right“,” A funky, rhythmic dance piece with modern hip-hop sounds.

Left and right, left and right, left and right. Seventeen ha. Have you experienced the earthworm?

The song’s dynamic and teenage vibes are made more special due to the chorus, where SEVENTEEN’s vocals mingle together. Interestingly, the song became more attractive as the chorus was sung at the beginning of the song.

(Photo: Youtube || HYBE LABELS)

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In addition to the catchy chorus, CARATs praised the piece for its choreography, which showed the fun and funky side of the SEVENTEEN members. Moreover, the overall carefree vibe of the song secured SEVENTEEN a victory in the show!

SEVENTEEN has also received various nominations for this song, including “Best Dance Track – Male” at the Melon Music Awards 2020 and “Best Dance Performance – Male Band” at the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2020.

2. NCT Dream’s hot sauce

As the title suggests, this track added NCTzens spice as it marked the leader of NCT Dream, Mark’s return with a sub-division.

Killing the Mexican-themed music video, the song started with a chorus as well. Through the members’ harmonious vocal techniques and fascinating rap, NCT Dream rapper and dancer Jaemin expressed the song’s desire to express “Determination to show charms similar to hot sauce.

NCT's dream

(Photo: Twitter || @SMTOWNGLOBAL)

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NCTzens applauded this song as it reveals a more mature side of NCT Dream. As for the chorus, as it was sung at the beginning of the song, it immediately gave it a level of energy and expressiveness.

Some fans thought this song was a bold move from NCT’s once-teenage division as it explored “new musical territory.”

3. “Conversation About Love” by WayV

“Love Talk”, released by NCT’s Chinese sub-division, presented the nostalgic R&B atmosphere of the late ’90s. As the song started with a chorus, it quickly caused a tickle in the backbone of the audience that increased as the song progressed into gentle, mid-tempo rap verses.

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WayZenNis (WayV fan club) completed the chorus by combining the catchy melody and the angelic voices of WayV’s vocal line. Some have cited that the song successfully maintained a sharp style, but it did not cost the impact and continuity of the song.

4. “XOXO” by Jeon Somi

Jeon Somi never ceases to amaze his fans with the way he creates music and sound. With her release kissespresented a western style, thanks to which the singer became a melting pot of talent and expression.

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Somi fans have mentioned that the song maintains a cleansing pop vibe, making it one of Somi’s most noteworthy songs. Pretending to be a vindictive girl in a music video kisses tried to join the freelance hymn list. In addition, the song’s chorus was hailed as an earthworm, perhaps because it won a spot at the beginning of the song.


“HIP” is another MAMAMOO track that has tried to promote self-love. Starting with the chorus, the song aims to address the pressure the individual experiences, only to conform to shallow social standards.


(Photo: Twitter || @RBW_MAMAMOO)

Right after its release, the song made it to the MOOMOO and non-fan playlist as the song provided power and creativity.

This song gave MAMAMOO the title of “Best Digital Song (Bonsang)” in the 2020 Gold Record award. The quartet group of girls from RBW Entertainment also won the “Best Vocal Performance – Group” with this song in the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2020 competition.

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Do you have any songs to add to this list? This is your chance to express it in the comments section!

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