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5 K-pop songs with curses

5 K-pop songs with curses

While K-pop tends to stick to clean lyrics, some groups aren’t afraid to be more explicit. While it’s still not common, the swear words in the songs are getting more frequent every year. Here are five K-pop songs with curses.

1. TXT – ‘LO $ ER = LOVE’

“LO $ ER = LOVER” is the main single from TXT’s repackaged album “The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape” which was released on August 17th. to be a lover of a unique you.

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There is one curse in “LOST = LOVED” and it can be found in the pre-chorus. In the first chorus, Beomgyu sings, “If I can’t have it, I keep it low.” In the second chorus, Soobin sings, “Say no, I’m fucking taking it all.”

2. (G) I-DLE – “Tomboy”

(G) I-DLE released “TOMBOY” as the main single from their first studio album “I Never Die”. The single was released on March 14, 2022. The song is about independence and breaking out of the “perfect girl” form.

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While (G) I-DLE promotes a clean version of the song, there is actually an uncensored version of the song. In the chorus, the girls sing, “Yeah, fuck the tomboy.” In the version used for the promotion, the curse is censored with an audible signal.


LE SSERAFIM debuted on May 2, 2022 with the mini-album “Fearless” and the main single of the same name. FEARLESS is about moving forward without being hindered by the past.

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In the first rap, Kazuha raps, “I’m fearless, new female dog, go crazy climbing, next.” The curse is not censored and she actually swears during performances!

4. BLACKPINK – “As you like it”

“How You Like That” was released as the pre-release single for BLACKPINK’s first studio album, “The Album”. The single was released on June 26, 2020. Lyrically, “How You Like That” is about not being afraid of dark situations, staying confident and finding the strength to stand again.

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At the bridge leading to the dance break, Jennie rappers, “Bring out your boss b * tch.” Jennie yells a curse during the BLACKPINK performances.

5. (G) I-DLE Jeon Soyeon – ‘is ​​that the wrong number b ******?’

“Is that the wrong number b ******?” is the b-sidetrack from Jeon Soyeon’s debut mini-album Windy, which was released on July 5, 2021. The song features BIBI and rapper Lee Youngji. “Is that the wrong number b ******?” shows the chemistry of Generation Z.

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Although the curse in the title has been censored, the girls don’t hold back from the curses in the song. Both the roles of Soyeon and Lee Youngji contain various curses that portray their ruthless girly images.

Which song is your favorite? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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