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5 K-Pop songs with unexpected rhythm changes

5 K-Pop songs with unexpected rhythm changes

K-pop songs usually have a typical structure that is guaranteed to attract a large audience. However, in some songs, there are sudden tonal changes throughout the song. Here are five songs with sudden rhythm changes.

1. NMIXX – ‘OO’

NMIXX released “OO” as the title track on their debut album “Ad Mare”.

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The song starts with heavy electropop and hip-hop elements. He uses baile funk, delighting listeners with an intense, captivating trap-like introduction. However, after the first chorus, the song shifts into a pop-rock genre. Then it goes back to the same electro-pop sound the song had at the beginning.

“OO” became famous for its shocking change of genre. Unfortunately, it got some negative feedback and people said it lacked a distinctive melody.

2. aespa – “The Next Level”

“Next Level” was released as the title track on the second single of the aespa album of the same name.

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“Next Level” starts with a sharp, futuristic, dance-pop sound, using elements of hip-hop and EDM. Halfway through the song, the rhythm changes into an optimistic, jazz-inspired composition. It is a thrilling change with an energetic bass riff that shows the variety of aespa.

Despite the abrupt change of genre midway through the song, “Next Level” has received enormous public acclaim.

3. Generation of girls – “I have a boy”

Girls’ Generation released “I Got A Boy” as the lead single for their fourth studio album of the same name.

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“I Got A Boy” starts with pop rap and slow rap. Then it speeds up to an almost musical, show-like melody with a pop of chewing gum and electro-pop elements. The chorus fades to dubstep and bridge is a mix of all these genres with hard rock.

The song was a huge success and Girls’ Generation was praised for digesting the intense mix of different melodies and sounds.


“AYA” was released as the main single from MAMAMOO’s tenth mini-album, “Travel”.

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“AYA” is a pop song influenced by Arabic music. The song is sensual and uses intense vocalizations. For most of the song, the chorus ends in an instrumental decline. However, the last chorus becomes more funky. It almost sounds like a remix of a song!

“AYA” won MAMAMOO one music program in “M! Countdown “.


Lisa released “LALISA” as the lead single from her debut album.

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“LALISA” is a hip-hop and EDM track. Throughout most of the song, Lisa exudes the girl’s hip-hop sound. In the bridge, however, Lisa makes a brighter noise, singing “You need some LALISA.” After that, the song changes to saturate the Thai elements for a dance break.

“LALISA” has won recognition for its numerous tonal changes and fluidity.

What’s your favorite K-pop song? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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