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5 male idols ‘kicked out’ from their own fandom chat – here are the amusing reasons

5 male idols ‘kicked out’ from their own fandom chat – here are the amusing reasons

These fandoms created a group chat dedicated to their favorite idols, but for amusing reasons, they brutally ‘kicked out’ real idols after joining the group.

5 male idols who have been hilariously kicked out of Fandom’s group chat:

1. SHINee Taemin

(Photo: Taemin (Instagram))

In 2018, SHINee World, the SHINee fandom, brutally kicked Taemin out of a lonely chat room created by Taemints for an idol after he violated the group chat rules. When he entered the Kakao GC, Taemin used his real name as his username.

The idol continued sending photos and memes, but no one paid any attention to him. Apparently, people in chat should only talk through photos, but after commenting on his selfie, the chat moderator kicked him out.

Fans are also skeptical of his identity and accuse him of trolling fans. Hilariously, Taemin had a hard time proving that he was indeed a Taemin and only managed to convince the fans after how many tries!

2. BTOB Changsub

BTOB Changsub was discharged from the army

(Photo: Changsub (Twitter)

After the incident with SHINee Taemin, Changsub was also hilariously kicked out by his fans in a chat dedicated to him in 2018.

During this time, the rules of this type of open group chat include a ban on texting. Changsub, who joined GC for the first time, decided to surprise fans and introduced himself:

“Sorry. I’m Lee Changsub. I walked in here because I heard there is such a room …”

Even before the end of his message, the male idol was removed by the chat moderator. Later, fans realized it was Changsub after the idol appeared on Instagram begging fans to invite him again and promised not to break the rules again.


Seventeen coups

(Photo: Instagram: @sound_of_coups)

Like Taemin and Changsub, S.Coups had the same dilemma in February!

Immediately after joining the chat room, the male idol introduced himself as the real S.Coups and even used it as his username.

However, Carats did not believe him and, amusingly, reported him to the chat moderator and asked to be removed from the group.

Luckily, S. Coups didn’t end up like the aforementioned male idols, and he was able to prove he was before being kicked out for breaking chat rules.

The funny thing is, he has to provide a recording and screenshot of his Instagram profile to prove it’s really him!

4. BTS V

BTS V opens up to relationships, a time hurt after having experienced THIS

(Photo: BTS V (Vogue Korea))

Looks like boy band fans are really having trust issues!

BTS V, who joined a lonely chat dedicated to him, was also almost kicked out by ARMYs in 2019 after suspecting he was imitating an idol – when it really was!

First, V was reprimanded by fans for using the name of the male idol Kim Taehyung as his username and had him change it to his real name. Once again, he was reprimanded for sending text messages that put him on the verge of being thrown out.

In response, he posted a video containing his voice, but eventually quit and promised fans that they would come back again when he finally mastered the rules so as not to break them!

5. TXT Beomgyu

TXT Beomgyu

(Photo: Weverse Magazine)
TXT Beomgyu

Beomgyu also experienced getting kicked out by his own fandom MOA after joining a lonely group chat dedicated to him.

In Weverse, the fan confirmed that it was Beomgyu after asking the idol if it was indeed him. The male idol said it was true and sulked explaining how fans scolded him and told him not to send chats – not knowing they were actually dealing with the real Beomgyu!

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Written by Eunice Dawson.


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