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5 participants of “K-pop Star 6” who could have been the best female idols

5 participants of “K-pop Star 6” who could have been the best female idols

While these five female celebrities were fully endowed with both VFX and Skill, unfortunately they did not come completely into the spotlight due to unfortunate circumstances.

SBS reality show in the competition “K-pop star 6: Last Chance“, Broadcast in 2016-2017. The broadcast aroused great interest from viewers as all attendees were amazing and had great potential to become the next K-pop stars.

But among them, these five contestants stood out during the show and were referred to as future stars. Unfortunately, while most of them successfully entered the K-pop industry, many of them became “underrated” due to intense rivalry between groups of girls / artists and eventually left the music scene.

5 “underrated” K-pop stars 6 candidates who could be the best female idols:

1. Shannon Williams

(Photo: Shannon Williams (News1))

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Also known as “English IU”, Shannon, who was already a solo artist, joined the program to challenge herself as an artist.

Initially, she was loved for her cheerful sound, but during an interview after the show, she confessed that she wanted to go to YG Entertainment and try out the concept of a fashionable girl because her previous songs did not suit her.

But after failing to win the show, she returned to her then-company MBK, and in 2019 she opened up about the ill-treatment she suffered by the agency, which led her to leave not only the company but retire as an idol.

Known for her outstanding vocals, top-notch visuals and dancing skills, Shannon could be a leading female star if she had the right treatment and concepts.

2. Kriesza Chu

Where is Kriesha Chu now?  The status of the first Filipino K-pop idol to

(Photo: Kriesha Chu (News1))

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Due to her “all-round” abilities, Kriesha Chu made her solo debut after joining “K-pop Star 6.”

Initially, she gained decent popularity in Korea and elsewhere, but after a few releases, Chu’s interest began to decline and only solid fans remained.

Fans blamed Urban Works for why Kriesha didn’t get the recognition she deserved for lack of promotion, giving the idol outdated outfits and concepts as well as music.

After announcing that Chu had lymphedema, she “disappeared” from the music scene. In July, she reportedly left the company after her profiles were removed from SNS Urban Works.

3. Lee Soomin

Where is Lee Soomin now?  Status of an 11-year-old Idol intern after

(Photo: Lee Soomin (@mysticarchive Twitter))

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Initially gaining a fandom after joining Mnet’s “Produce 101” in 2016, Lee Soomin joined “K-pop Star 6” that same year. Undoubtedly, Lee was admired for her rap, singing and dancing skills. What’s more, it also has a stage presence that not everyone can have.

Unfortunately she was eliminated but continued her idol aspirations and joined “MIXNINE”. After failing to join the roster, she became an intern for the Fave Girls under LOEN and once again failed to join Weekly. In 2020, she joined Mystic rookies, referred to as Billlie, but did not make her debut again.

After 11 years of internship, but not a debut, she announced her retirement and decided to focus on her studies in July 2022.

4. Jeon Mindju

Where is Arek now?  Meet the

(Photo: Instagram Minju)

During “K-pop Star 6”, there were Ark Jeon Minju received high praise for her versatility and fans appreciated her supreme abilities.

In 2018, she founded the duo KHAN with former co-member The Ark Euna. Despite the high-quality music, the duo failed to break into the intense competition of third-generation artists and disbanded in 2019 with just one digital single.

Although Minju has the potential to become a leading artist, she has not been given the platform and proper agency to push and showcase her skills. After her dissolution, she became a YouTuber and manages the “Minju X Ursso” channel.

5. ALICE Kim Sohee

5 participants of

(Photo: Sohee (Instagram))

ALICE Kim Sohee should be in line with the best dancers!

During “K-pop Star 6”, Kim amazed viewers with her confident, simple but mesmerizing dance choreographies. Moreover, she should also be listed as one of the best lead singers due to her crystal clear vocals. Surely everyone can agree that he is also handsome.

But since she made her small business debut, Kim Sohee is one of the underrated stars who should be bigger if they made their debut in “BIG 3.”

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Written by Eunice Dawson.


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