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5 sinister moments in episodes 11-12 of “If you want to wish me” that upset us

After last week’s cliff face, “If You Wish Upon Me” returns with a couple of episodes that seem to prepare us for quite a climax disclosure. The enemies are regrouping and the allies feel complacent as hospital staff are still not fully aware of the intruder among them. Yoon Gyeo Re (Ji Chang Wook) is at the fore this week as a man ready and willing to rehabilitate. But his enemies are not going to abandon him so soon, and a recent settlement seems to be on its way to arriving. Here are five of this week’s most sinister moments that foreshadow a commotion for our favorite ambulance driver.

Note: spoilers for episodes 11-12 below.

1. Gyeo Re’s moral code

After the sick Song Chang Woo (Kim Gui Seon) dream of finding an old friend he had known in the past fulfilled, Gyeo Re is furious when he learns why the man made such a wish. It turns out that many, many years ago, Song Chang Woo and his friend were suspected in a murder investigation. The commanding officer knew Chang Woo was innocent, but tortured him until he agreed to frame his friend, who eventually ended up in prison for decades until the real murderer was found. The friend never recovered from this experience, could not find a job and lived a simple life with his wife and daughter until his death.

Chang Woo is devastated to hear about the consequences of his actions, and while Kang Tae Shik (Sung Dong Il) understands and says that it was all the policeman’s fault for torturing him, Gyeo Re is a lot of less likable. In fact, he is furious, claiming that Chang Woo’s youth at the time does not justify the fact that he ruined someone else’s life. It’s easy for Gyeo Re because we know that he would never do something like this, no matter how much he was tortured. So he cannot forgive anyone who would act differently.

This is ominous as it raises the question of how Gyeo Re will react to finding Tae Shik’s past life as a relatively dingy person in a seedy business, similar to the gangster he has tried so hard to leave. Gyeo Re realizes that Tae Shik was not an angel, but are the details of his past enough to break a hole in their relationship?

2. The sinister arrangement of Jun Kyung and Seok Joon

Ha Jun Kyung (Won Ji An) has always been a bit shaky but has reached a new level of madness following the betrayal of Gyeo Re. Realizing that Jang Seok Joon (Nam Tae Hoon) has feelings for her, he begins to use it in the classic way of an attacker. First, she builds it by kissing him and going on dates, to dinner, and to the movies. Seok Joon is in cloud nine, especially since he doesn’t pretend to be something wrong.

Then comes the clinker. During the movie, Jun Kyung casually leans over to Seok Joon with a smile and asks him to kill her and Gyeo Re. That girl. Seok Joon is completely shocked to realize he has been played.

He never had any illusions that Jun Kyung had feelings for him, but he hoped that at least she would enjoy his company enough to be truly happy. She even told him that maybe he wasn’t good for Gyeo Re growing up, but he was always good for her and she appreciated it. But with this she realizes once and for all that Jun Kyung will never be happy if she doesn’t have Gyeo Re. And considering that Gyeo Re will never be happy in the company of Jun Kyung, it means that someone has to go. It can’t just be Gyeo Re, because that would destroy Jun Kyung. Finishing them both seems like the only way. After many fights, as Seok Joon tries to make a decision, he finally agrees and asks Jun Kyung if he really wants to. When he agrees, a heartbroken Seok Joon walks away, looking grim in a way that could only mean trouble for Gyeo Re.

3. Tae Shik’s chemotherapy and meeting with Jun Kyung in the same hospital

After Tae Shik falls on the road to fulfilling Song Chang Woo’s wish, Gyeo Re makes him promise chemotherapy. With tears in his eyes, he formulates that Tae Shik vowed to live a better life, and this meant that Tae Shik had to live as long as he could, fulfilling as many wishes as he could. Seeing how upset Gyeo Re and Seo Yeon Joo (Sooyoung) are, Tae Shik gently agrees to chemotherapy. In private, however, Chang Woo regrets that Gyeo Re has no idea how painful chemotherapy is, otherwise he would not have asked Tae Shik for it. Nevertheless, he made a promise and plans to keep it.

Tae Shik leaves the hospice with a strong promise from Gyeo Re that she will take care of everything on his behalf. But there is a familiar face in the hospital to which he has been admitted: Jun Kyung. Tae Shik recognizes her with concern as Jun Kyung still looks quite manic. It is unclear why she is still in the hospital given that she has not suffered any long-term injuries as a result of trying to take her own life. Plus, she went on dates with Seok Joon without any apparent discomfort. But the meeting heralds the danger that gang members surround Jun Kyung with at every turn. These are the same gang members who, for mysterious and unknown reasons, surround Tae Shik.

If Tae Shik tries to use the same magic on Jun Kyung as on Gyeo Re, not only will Tae Shik find her invulnerable, but may quickly find herself in danger. Knowing Tae Shik, he might try to do just that! And not only he can end up in hot water because of a soft heart.

4. Assistants of Gyeo Re

Gyeo Re has a mission to make the hospice a happier place, and when he spots two children stranded by his grandmother’s bed in a coma, he knows he has found a different mission. Two children have waited weeks for their grandmother to wake up, but she shows no signs of recovery. Meanwhile, their future is at stake because they have no legal guardian. Gyeo Re sees himself in them and appoints the children as his assistants. He guides them as they assist in the hospital and appoints junior members of Team Genie.

The kids love him because Gyeo Re is a wonderful person and he truly understands what it’s like to be young and have a future dictated by adults who don’t care about your best interests. This is one of the reasons why he is very hesitant to find the alleged ‘aunt’ and ‘uncle’ of the children in the hospital demanding custody of their children. One look at the alleged relatives is enough for Gyeo Re to know that they are in trouble, probably not relatives of the children and most likely to harm them. But there is no proof, and besides, he is not a relative, so there is no way to keep the children in the hospital. For the time being he puts it down, but he knows he has no choice but to let the kids go. Gyeo Re’s determination to let no one else end up like him could prove dangerous as these false relatives look like evil that can slip away from everything, leaving people trying to trap them. One can only hope that Gyeo Re will ensure the safety of himself and the children!

5. Yoon Ki Choon wakes up

It’s fair to say that Yoon Ki Choon (Nam Kyeong Joo) has been awake for a while and there is nothing good all the time. Gyeo Re is the first to know and is almost afraid of his life. He doesn’t recognize his father, which is quite realistic considering how long it took (and Ki Choon’s hair and beard), but knows that this man, when he wakes up, could mean bad news for Tae Shik. So he is silent about Ki Choon to protect Tae Shik and also because Ki Choon seems to have lost his memory.

Gyeo Re is not the type to punish an innocent man and is struggling with the fact that this new Ki Choon blank board is not the same person who ruined Tae Shik’s life, so he cannot hate him for it. But Gyeo Re remains suspicious of Ki Choon and it’s good that he is because Ki Choon appears to be faking memory loss. Everything he does while awake is intended to happily do harm. She seems to lightly cut Yeon Joo’s neck with scissors while she is unconscious. She seems to be forcibly cutting Choi Deok Ja (Gil Hae Yeon )’s hair when she pleads with him not to, and only her dementia saves him from going out with Team Genie. He’s also stealing Gyeo Re’s money because he’s probably planning to escape!

Gyeo Re quickly realizes that everything is wrong, no matter how often Ki Choon goes to the hospice chapel to pray. When he discovers that his money is gone, Ki Choon is his first suspect. But he has to tread carefully for the sake of Tae Shik. He talked to Ki Choon enough to know he has a son whom he hopes to make up with, but nothing else. Dr. Yang Chi Hoon (Shin Ju Hwan) also becomes suspicious when he checks that Ki Choon is not wearing the respirator he wore a few minutes earlier. We end up when Gyeo Re finds a picture of him in Ki Choon’s wallet and realizes it’s his father. As she breaks down in shock, Ki Choon says quietly.

It is not clear when the final scene takes place, but the mystery seems to be revealed! Did Ki Choon recognize Gyeo Re from the very beginning when he heard his name? Will Tae Shik survive the chemotherapy? Can Gyeo Re save his newest helpers? What the hell is Seok Joon going to get? This week’s episodes bring up a ton of questions that promise there will be some malicious answers next week. There are only four episodes left at the end, so we have enough time for a happy ending. So we hope to get it! Because Yeon Joo and Gyeo Re remain too cute!

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