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5 things K-pop idols did that sounded incredible

With hundreds of active K-pop idols, fans are treated with all sorts of personalities, which usually lead to some pretty interesting moments happening in front of and off camera that prove they are like the rest of us with their antics. In fact, some of the things that K-pop idols sound like aren’t true to some fans given the nature of their work.

Here are some things that K-pop idols have done that sound incredible!

1. MONSTA X Minhyuk

(Photo: Instagram: @ go5rae)
MONSTA X Minhyuk

When MONSTA X made a guest appearance on the NCT radio program NCT night in April 2018, member Minhyuk revealed a rather interesting situation that happened to him once. His MONSTA X colleagues shared that Minhyuk is known to always joke and send funny pictures. However, accidentally I posted a rather inappropriate photo to the MONSTA X group chat where their boss was!

He didn’t say what happened next, but he was probably reprimanded a little.

2. BTS J-Hope

BTS J-Hope

(Photo: Instagram: @uarmyhope)
BTS J-Hope

BTS members are known to have a close relationship with their fans, ARMYs. But a member of J-Hope took this close relationship to another level when he decided to take over five million ARMYs to the bathroom with him on his Naver V Live!

The live broadcast was halted in July 2021, with J.-Hope to broadcast when he was alone in the HYBE building. As he was afraid to go somewhere alone in the building, he eventually took the spectators with him.

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3. BTOB Sungjae

BTOB Sungjae

(Photo: Instagram: @yook_can_do_it)
BTOB Sungjae

BTOB is known as a rather “crazy” group that gets away with doing things that other groups aren’t normally allowed to do. So it’s no surprise that during the broadcast, Sungjae decided to be a little extra by cooking his bacon (samgyupsal) for using an iron used for clothing. Fortunately, there were no disasters during the broadcast!

4. Seventeen Hoshi

Seventeen Hoshi

(Photo: Instagram: @ ho5hi_kwon)
Seventeen Hoshi

It is important for K-pop idols that they maintain a certain image when they are in public. But it looks like the images came out the window for SEVENTEEN Hoshi! While the members of SEVENTEEN were drinking and eating, Hoshi is seen trying to wipe his nose. Although he initially used his hands for it, he eventually did trouser strings to wipe your nose stealthily quick.

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5. MIRAE Dongpyo

MIRAE Dongpyo

(Photo: Twitter: @members_MIRAE)
MIRAE Dongpyo

Before the interns make their debut, they are forced to be very secretive and told not to spoil any of their future releases. The same can be applied to active idols. However, MIRAE member Dongpyo does not care for all these rules.

In fact, before MIRAE debuted, Dongpyo broken during live broadcast hand gesture of the group and the name of the group. He even went so far as to shut down staff members who were trying to stop him from spoiling further! In another case, he even reacted to the consequences by saying, “What will they do? Put it down?”.

What other things that K-pop idols sounded so incredible?

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