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5 Things Viewers Didn’t Like at 2022 MAMA Awards Day 1

5 Things Viewers Didn’t Like at 2022 MAMA Awards Day 1

On November 29, at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan, the first day of the two-day MAMA Awards 2022 was held. Many iconic moments were afforded to the fans, such as K-pop idols looking gorgeous and handsome at the red carpet event, the collaboration stage between fourth-generation girl groups and not just.

But while there was much to enjoy from day one, many viewers had mixed reactions or complaints about the awards ceremony. Here are five things viewers didn’t like about the first day of the 2022 MAMA Awards.

5 Things Viewers Didn’t Like at 2022 MAMA Awards Day 1

1. MAMA 2022 Awards in Japan

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5 Things Viewers Didn’t Like at 2022 MAMA Awards Day 1

One of the things that people, mainly K-Internet users, complained about was that this year’s MAMA Awards took place in Japan. Even a few weeks before the start of the award ceremony, it was already met with negative reactions from Internet users.

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Many find it confusing that the event was held overseas, particularly in Japan, even though it is a Korean awards show.

2. The host of MAMA Awards 2022 speaks English

MAMA 2022 awards

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5 Things Viewers Didn’t Like at 2022 MAMA Awards Day 1

Another thing that the MAMA 2022 awards have drawn criticism for is that their host, Jeon Somi, speaks almost exclusively English throughout the event. This decision was not well received by netizens who noted the idol’s fluent Korean skills. Netizens also pointed out the awkwardness of the MC asking questions in English while the award winners and presenters answer in Korean.

MAMA 2022 awards

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5 Things Viewers Didn’t Like at 2022 MAMA Awards Day 1

Moreover, K-netizens were nervous that they would have to rely on subtitles for the Korean awards show to understand what the host was talking about. They suggested that Jeon Somi speak Korean and use only English subtitles.

3. MAMA 2022 Awards “Copying” of the Oscars

K-Internet users also pointed out that the winners’ trophies initially did not have their names and the category they won in, and that they had to go backstage to be prepared by a member of staff.

People think the MAMA Awards 2022 is a “copy” of the Oscars, better known as the Oscars, and therefore feel “embarrassed” about it.

4. Camera work during the MAMA Awards 2022 performances

Viewers have expressed serious concerns about camera work on the first day of the MAMA 2022 Awards, especially during the artists’ performances. Many felt frustrated that the filming style prevented them from seeing the performers up close, as it instead zooms out and shows the audience or the stage.

As a result, there were dance breaks as well as fan-favorite choreographies and final poses that online viewers missed.

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For example, fans of LE SSERAFIM, Stray Kids and NMIXX missed the group’s dance breaks. Some claimed that the fans of the viewers are much better than what the MAMA Awards 2022 presented.

5. Fourth generation girl group collaboration scene at MAMA Awards 2022

The collaboration scene between top 4th generation girl groups – IVE, NewJeans, LE SSERAFIM, Kep1er and NMIXX – was one of the most anticipated performances during the 1st Few Complaints.

MAMA 2022 awards

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5 Things Viewers Didn’t Like at 2022 MAMA Awards Day 1

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First, the girls mostly stood awkwardly in the back while they took turns performing songs. Secondly, some say that there were girls who did not fit into the concept of their performance.

Third, there are many saying that the collaboration scene could have been better if they had performed a different song or anything that would leave the audience stunned. While they were happy the groups performed TWICE’s iconic song “Cheer Up”, fans are disappointed that the 2022 MAMA Awards allowed the girls to do so little when they had the best opportunity to show more.

Apart from these five things, what did you not like about the first day of the MAMA Awards 2022?

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