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5 things you must have to achieve “missing bottom” fashion like Jennie, Nayeon, more!

5 things you must have to achieve “missing bottom” fashion like Jennie, Nayeon, more!

The “Bottom Missing” trend is back and constantly spreading in the K-pop scene! If you want to be fashionable like BLACKPINK Jennie or TWICE Nayeon but don’t know where to start, here are five must-have things you might want to achieve to achieve that style!

On the Korean fashion scene “no-bottom fashion refers to an outfit that makes the wearer look as though they are not wearing any shorts, pants, or skirts.

(Photo: Kendall (Instagram))

It’s the perfect cut if you want to emphasize your legs and make them look slimmer. But if you don’t do it right, your final look can feel awkward and unflattering.

In this case, we present some tips that K-pop idols use to beat the “missing bottom” fad.

Here are 5 things you must have in the “missing bottom” fashion:

1. Chunky knit

BLACKPINK Jennie is indeed a true trendsetter who introduced “missing bottom” fashion to Korea when she attended an event for the Chanel perfume line, Coco.

5 things you must have to achieve

(Photo: Jennie (Instagram))

Her outfit became a hot topic due to Coco’s voluminous knit paired with mini shorts. Since the ensemble is black, it appeared that Jennie was not wearing a short dress, but a mini dress.

To achieve this, grab any voluminous turtleneck sweaterpair it with shorts in the same color and complete the look with fancy stripes and sheer tights.

2. Oversize long sleeves

One of the most classic creations, TWICE Nayeon flaunted the “feminine vibe” and showed an example of “missing bottom” fashion by simply wearing a simple oversize with long sleeves.

5 things you must have to achieve

(Photo: Nayeon (Instagram))

But to suit the winter weather, you can opt for a thicker jacket and pair it with a stylish insulated jacket. To keep your lower body warm, you can wear leg warmers instead of shoes.

For good quality long sleeves, you may want to choose Fuinloth Chambray Women’s Button Down Shirt which is oversized but still flatters your figure.

3. Oversize blazer

The cut with the shortcomings of the bottom is perfect for your #OOTD every day, but it can also be rocked even during official occasions.

5 things you must have to achieve

(Photo: Jisoo (Instagram))

Like Jisoo, Cartier’s global ambassador represents the luxury brand by wearing an oversized suit/blazer that exudes elegance.

If you’re concerned that you might look weird wearing it, you can style it by adding a belt and wearing knee-high boots.

This EXTRO&VERT women’s jacket it looks stunning and only costs less than $50!

4. Leather jacket

5 things you must have to achieve

(Image credit: Minji (Instagram))

Not only ladies can enjoy the “missing bottom” fashion, but also teenagers! NewJeans Minji recently flaunted her beauty by wearing black leather jacket.

To tone down the concept a bit, Minji donned thicker black tights and enhanced the look by wearing high boots.

It is enough to fasten the button of a leather jacket like a dress, boldly skip the bottom, add style and it’s ready!

5. Jersey T-shirt

5 things you must have to achieve

(Image: Yuju (Instagram))

If you care about a sporty look, take Yuju as inspiration and grab it oversized jersey t-shirt from your boyfriend, father or brother and transform it into a trendy outfit!

Wearing an oversized shirt will give the impression that you are wearing a mini dress. If you combine it with colorful socks covering the neck and sneakers, you will create a mischievous and fashionable bottom.

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Written by Eunice Dawson.


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