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5 Things You Never Noticed About Momo’s TWICE Dancing That Will Convince You That She’s A Pro

Her dancing is off the charts!

TWICE Momo she is well known in K-Pop for her excellent dancing skills, so it’s no surprise that there are a lot of subtle details hidden in her dance technique! Here are five different things you may have never noticed about Momo’s dancing that will convince you of her expert status!

1. Momo hit control on stage

Momo participated in the 2016 dance show Hit The Stage where K-Pop’s main dancers created original dance routines to compete for the title of “best main dancer”. Momo wowed fans with her complete control over an intricate dance!

2. Her freestyle skills

Momo proves she’s a great dancer with her amazing freestyle skills! She has been asked on many talk shows to create a freestyle dance on the spot and she always succeeds. Any dancer who can create a routine like her is a brilliant dancer!

3. Her Move cover with Dahyun

In a dance cover Taemin‘s move along with fellow member Dahyun, Momo expertly followed Taemin’s original choreography while adding flair to the song. Momo has proven she can cover up any dance!

4. Her ability to make dancing fun

Although Momo is the main dancer of TWICE and takes the title seriously, she is great at making her dances look carefree and fun! Fans love watching Momo dance because there’s a good chance she’ll do it with a smile on her face!

5. Momo in “Sixteen”

In the pre-debut of the reality show TWICE, Momo proved that she can dance by becoming the main dancer of TWICE. She worked hard for her title and fans noticed it from the very beginning!



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