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5 times MAMAMOO has proved to be a professional on the stage

5 times MAMAMOO has proved to be a professional on the stage

As many of you may know, MAMAMOO returns this October with four members. More than a year has passed since their last release on September 15, last year.

The girls’ vocal band K-pop is famous for their stage performances and powerful voices that can play any song.

Before their comeback, let’s look back at a time when MAMAMOO members not only killed the scene but were also very professional in dealing with unexpected situations.

MAMAMOO Moments on stage: microphone problems

MAMAMOO has performed at many university festivals. When I mean many, really a lot. During the Um Oh Ah Yeah era, members said in an interview with Immortal Songs 2 that they attend more than 3 people a day.

When they do, technical problems are bound to arise, of course. But MAMAMOO members are professional performers so they know exactly what needs to be done.

There are many cases where Wheein and Solar’s mic didn’t work, and Moonbyul has always served her. It’s good that he quickly comes up with solutions when it comes to such steps.

(Photo: Instagram: @mo_onbyul)
MAMAMOO Moonbyul

MAMAMOO Live breaks

One of the best examples of this scenario is their Japanese promotions. The band members performed the Japanese version of “Decalcomanie” and the music suddenly stopped. They didn’t even flinch when it happened. They continued to perform as if it were nothing.

(Photo: MAMAMOO (News1))

As they are known to be great singers, it is not difficult for MAMAMOO to sing live and continue with her performance. When the music came back, it didn’t seem to stop in the first place as they were singing the right lines.

When another song plays instead of what they practiced

This time, Hwasa is in the spotlight because it’s always her, so she’s just as ready to sing and perform as if it were really the song they meant for the next one.

On many occasions, MAMAMOO thought they would sing “Starry Night” and is ready for it, but then “Decalcomanie” began to play. It’s good that they mostly sing live, so changing the song is not a problem for them.


(Photo: Instagram: @_mariahwasa)

The singer “Maria” just steps forward as if she knew the song would be played. Fans always applauded her for not being stunned by the situation.

Failure of the MAMAMOO Hwasy wardrobe

This very old music video is from the 2015 “Um Oh Ah Yeah” era. They performed their debut song “Mr. Ambiguous ”, when suddenly Hwasy’s upper garment was unbuttoned. It’s good that she realized it right away and didn’t risk herself.


(Photo: Instagram: @whee_inthemood)

Wheein noticed this in time and fixed it immediately before he got to the solo part. When you watch the movie it was really cool how she went from being in the back fixing the top Hwasy quickly to singing her part like nothing happened. A professional indeed.

MAMAMOO mouth synchronization

Many idols have done this before, and so has MAMAMOO. As they are known to always sing live, their lip syncing is something new. And because they are professionals, they do it conscientiously, even though it is really hard for them.


(Photo: Twitter: @RBW_MAMAMOO)
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It has become an inside joke in the fandom that MAMAMOO is poor at lip syncing, but I’d like to take a look at the positive side of it and say that they do it with the utmost professionalism.

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With a script by Jaswin Singh


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