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5 unsolved K-pop riddles fans need answers to

5 unsolved K-pop riddles fans need answers to

K-pop idols are always in the spotlight, so it’s no surprise that some of their little actions are easily spotted by eagle-eyed K-pop fans. For this reason, many questions remain unanswered and remain a mystery that keeps some fans awake at night.

Here are some of the unsolved K-pop mysteries that fans need answers to.

1. What was MONSTA X Hyungwon supposed to say on Fansign?

(Photo: Tenor)
MONSTA X Hyungwon

MONSTA X member Hyungwon has gifted fans with numerous memes to relate to over the years. But one of his most popular memes is that he picks up the mic to seemingly say something at a fan-branded party, but in the end he said nothing and was just brazenly sipping his Starbucks. Unfortunately, what he was supposed to say during the party became a mystery and fans are still dying to find out what kind of tea he is going to spill!

2. What Seohyun of the Hyoyeon girl generation said

In 2011, Girls’ Generation took part in the SBS Korea Pop Music Festival. While the event continued, a video from members of Hyoyeon and Seohyun’s fancam became popular. In this video, you can see Hyoyeon seriously talking to Seohyun about something, and Seohyun is even shocked and not believing what she is told.

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Now, over a decade later, fans are still wondering what a juicy secret Hyoyeon was sharing.

3. Beef between BTS Jimin and TWICE Jeongyeon

Jimin, Jeongyeon

(Photo: Weverse: BTS / Facebook: TWICE)
BTS Jimin (left) and TWICE Jeongyeon (right)

For years, fans have wondered what was going on between BTS member Jimin and TWICE member Jeongyeon after their fanfanter videos were shared online. Fans even started monitoring the two closely to delve deeper into their relationship with each other.

As a result, several theories have arisen, for example, that they were in a relationship that ended up in bad terms, or two people who just don’t like each other. Of course, this remained a secret in the K-pop community and instead became a joke among fans.

4. Is Sungmin still part of Super Junior?


(Photo: Instagram: @_liustudio_)
Super Junior Sungmin

Although Super Junior is currently promoting with nine members on its returns, the group actually still has ten members. However, Sungmin has remained an inactive member of the group since early 2015 after marrying Kim Sa Eun.

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The news of his marriage was not well received by fans, leading to calls for a boycott of the group if Sungmin is not removed. Since then, Sungmin has not been part of any of the Super Junior promotions. Now fans are wondering if he is still part of the group.

5. What did BTS Jungkook send to J-Hope?

J-Hope, Jungkook

(Image: BTS Bon Voyage season 3)
BTS J-Hope (left) and Jungkook (right)

During an episode of the BTS reality show Bon Voyage Season 3, members can discuss something together while others talk on the phone. Here, eagle-eyed fans noticed the suspicious but hilarious interaction between Jungkook and J-Hope. Jungkook sent J-Hope a message, staring cheekily at which J-Hope finally gave Jungkook a hilarious look and wasn’t amused. To this day, fans wonder what Jungkook sent J-Hope.

What other unsolved K-pop mysteries are you excited to answer?

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