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6 fun moments from the K-Pop music show that you forgot

The idols and staff go to great lengths to ensure that the performances of the music programs run smoothly. Most of the time it is done well, while other times there are errors. These mistakes spawned some fun K-pop moments! Here are six fun music show moments you might have forgotten!

1. TWICE when “FANCY” stopped playing

During TWICE’s return to “M Countdown,” the members were filmed for the Japanese show. All the girls were focused on the performance, dancing to their fullest. That is until the music suddenly he stopped.

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The song suddenly broke off as Nayeon sang the chorus. The members immediately froze in their seats, and Nayeon’s mouth was still open as she sang. You could see the members laughing, but most of them remained frozen in their places. Talk about sacrificing yourself to the choreo!

2. TWICE Jeongyeon appears on the Red Velvet stage “Russian Roulette”

In 2016, Red Velvet appeared on “Inkigayo” to promote their song “Russian Roulette”. At the time, TWICE member Jeongyeon was the MC of the music program.

At the end of the song, the band members performed at their best. Suddenly, the camera turned to Jeongyeon, who was standing idle. The eyes of an idol appeared stuck to the screenand she didn’t react to the filming so it’s very likely that she wasn’t aware of it.

The random shot from the Jeongyeon camera still makes the ONCE and ReveLuvs laugh.

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The scene where Jeongyeon was filmed did not make it to YouTube.

3. IU slipping

At the DMZ Peace Concert Live in 2012, IU performed her hit single “Good Day”.

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After finishing the first verse, IU turned to do the choreography. However, due to the slippery floor and IU high heels it ended up slipping.

However, she caught herself before she fell, waving her arms and legs to keep her balance. The idol herself laughed at it, smiling broadly before singing again.

4. WJSN Yeonjung and SHINee Taemin try to leave the stage early

During the “Music Bank” stage, SEVENTEEN won the trophy for the song “HOME”. After their speeches, two idols were seen trying to leave the stage early: Yeonjun from WJSN and Taemin from SHINee!

Yeonjung quietly crept after idols. However, after noticing that her group and other idols were still on the stage, she returned to her seat. On the other hand, Taemin was seen jumping and dancing happily as he approached the stairs. However, after noticing that the others remained on the stage, Taemin awkwardly stood on one of the stairs.

This funny moment was captured by the camera, and the CLC also seemed to notice Taemin trying to escape!

5. TXT Beomgyu realized he was beaten early

In 2021, TXT performed their song “Magic” on “M Countdown”. In the middle of a Beomgyu song was a bit early and would dance a movement faster than the rest of its members.

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However, Beomgyu caught himself. He refrained from making a move and quickly returned to his original position. Despite his best efforts to hide the bug, his eyes betrayed him! There was a flash of panic before he turned his face serious but hilarious!

6. “CROWN” TXT (distorted version)

During its debut era, TXT performed their song “CROWN” on “Music Bank”. During the part of Soobin’s first chorus, the song suddenly started malfunctioning.

As soon as he started his line, the song cut out. In the absence of the song, fans could hear Soobin’s vocals live, and the group continued to perform despite the hiccups.

When the song came back, it was at 2x speed! Despite the change of pace, the musicians adapted their dance to the new pace. The song was quickly fixed to play the correct version.

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What made this clip famous was Soobin’s reaction. As professional as he could sing and dance flawlessly, his eyes showed how surprised he was. Some joke that while crashing he looked “Help me”!

What is your favorite moment? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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