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6 groups of girls fans want to free from “Nugudom”

6 groups of girls fans want to free from “Nugudom”

With Korean charts dominating the Korean charts this year, many international K-pop fans dream of girly groups getting more out of their nuggets.

In this article, we have listed six girly K-pop groups that fans really want to become more popular.


First on the list is a seven-member girl group from J9 Entertainment, CIGNATURE. Members Chaesol, Jeewon, Seline, Chloe, Belle, Semi and Dohee debuted on February 3, 2020 with their first single “Nun Nu Nan Na”.

(Image: Signature – Twitter)
6 groups of girls fans want to free from “Nugudom”

They already have two members who left the group due to inactivity. Many fans fear that they may fall apart without spending anything. Their last return was on November 30, 2021 with the song “Boyfriend”.


Next comes a group of girls from the small company n.CH Entertainment, Nature. A group of nine girls is known to fans as a group with fresh and cool concepts.


(Photo: Twitter: @nature_nchworld)

Former soloist and participant of “Produce 101” Sohee was added to the group midway through their career after trying to become a soloist.

Their newest song “Rica Rica” has not gained any popularity in the group and has not returned since the special song. More than nine months have passed since then, and their fans are worried about their future.


Though they made their debut recently, fans want the next girly group on our list to get away from “nugudom” because they are so good.

Return of IRRIS

(Photo: IRRIS – Twitter)
6 groups of girls fans want to free from “Nugudom”

IRRIS means I am a Reflection of Reality and Illusions / I really realized that I can be all colors. They are a 4-person girl group within JUSTICE RECORDS.

They debuted on July 6, 2022 with the song “Wanna Know”. Recently, IRRIS is back with a new song called “Bye Bye” and it’s definitely a breath of fresh air.

This is the b side of their debut album and the company decided to make a music video for it. It didn’t disappoint the fans as it was done amazing.


After last year’s debut, bugAboo has consistently released songs to gain fans and fame. They released their debut song of the same name. Then he returned with another single album entitled “POP”.


(Image: bugAboo – Twitter)
6 groups of girls fans want to free from “Nugudom”

However, this was not enough for them to actually gain in attractiveness and sales. However, their fans are not giving up on them.


The first girly group MNH Media (Chungh’s house) released in 2019 is part of the list. Although the girly group was active in their career in the beginning and was invited to end-of-year shows and awards, now they are nowhere to be seen as they have not released any songs or albums.

It was probably the pandemic that caused their company to lose money so they cannot invest in BVNDIT’s return. Fans comment that they are saddened to think that the singers of “Hocus Pocus” may soon fall apart.

BVNDIT Refreshed

(Photo: Twitter: @ mnhent_01)
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“Re-Original is one of my favorite albums this year and I love their other albums. I don’t think it would be a surprise if they disbanded, but it would certainly be disappointing “


The oldest group of girls on this list is the group of girls from SD Entertainment. Saturday is a five-person girl group that debuted in 2018.


(Photo: Saturday – Twitter)
6 groups of girls fans want to free from “Nugudom”

While they are active on social media, their last proper comeback was last year, so fans think it’s not impossible for them to suddenly disband as no new material is coming out.

For fans, Saturday is a great group of girls with great songs. They really would like a group of girls to break through one day

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