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6 idols who made a sensation in the Pixie hairstyle

6 idols who made a sensation in the Pixie hairstyle

Long, wavy curls are considered one of the characteristics of female idols. Many idols, such as Pink‘S Son of Naeun AND LIVES‘S Jang Wonyoung years passed keeping the style. NewJeans based their debut concept on natural, long hair to emphasize youth and innocence.

NewJeans Haerin and her long hair.

On the other hand, while pixie haircuts are rare in K-pop, we’ve rounded up six idols who managed to achieve the perfect look.

1. Yebin (ON)

Yebin from DIA manages to make the shortcut look ethereal and fairytale. We attribute it to the white-blond color she bleached it to.

2. Jeongyeon (TWICE)

While we’re not fans of the symbolic ‘tomboy’ style that management companies give to select members of girl groups, we love that the style complements Jeongyeon’s laid-back personality and heart-shaped face. A girl in love for sure!

3. Choa (AOA)

The former lead singer caused a storm in online communities when she debuted her blonde pixie haircut for the first time.

4. Narsha (brown-eyed girls)

Narsha, the representative of the OG girl group of the pixie cut, made her look classy and cool.

5. Hyebin (Momoland)

Hyebin looks completely different with short hair. While fans preferred her long, wavy locks, her short cut deserves some love too!

6. Hyerin (EXID)

The talented star delighted with a pixie haircut! It suited her naturally petite figure and petite face.

We love diversity in K-Pop! All these girls show that the pixie haircut can be twisted in different concepts and styles. From innocent to girls in love to sexy, it’s limitless!


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