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6 k-pop idols if you need a “boyfriend” style inspo: BTS Jin, SEVENTEEN Mingyu, more

6 k-pop idols if you need a “boyfriend” style inspo: BTS Jin, SEVENTEEN Mingyu, more

When it comes to the look of the boy’s material, these 6 K-pop idols are sure to shake the mood!

In a recent Vogue Korea article, fashion magazine picked up six male idols with a chic or trendy boyfriend look!

According to Vogue, when it comes to TPO-based boyfriend looks (time, place, opportunity), these idols’ Instagram is great tips.

(Photo: Mingyu, Jin, Jaehyun (Instagram))

TOP 6 Idol Inspo for a boyfriend look:

1. BTS Jin

Prior to joining the military, BTS Jin graced the K-pop scene with his first solo single, “Astronaut”. Idol has become a stage artist who has since shared his behind-the-scenes recordings in preparation for the single.

Nicknamed “Worldwide Handsome”, his uncomplicated Jin visuals can make fans around the world go crazy!

Ranging from basic t-shirts and pants, bold belts and accessories, BTS Jin is literally the standard boyfriend look!

2. NCT Jaehyun

As an ambassador for the luxury brand Prada, NCT Jaehyun’s elegance stands out even in simple everyday clothes.

With his impressive ability to mix and match clothes, even an ordinary T-shirt can look so expensive if he wears it!

Jaehyun definitely knows how to capture a boyfriend’s vibe, and that flaunts his greatest charm – HIS HOLES!

3. The SHINee key

If it’s a boyfriend look, SHINee Key is certainly not to be missed!

Looking at the Instagram idol, wearing a sweater is essential and then attaching hats, glasses and bags to complete the whole thing. The simpler the better!

This type of look is perfect if you are looking for the neat and smart type of boyfriend.

4. GOT7 Jay B

As a K-hip hop artist, Jay B is often seen wearing never aging, oversized outfits flaunting his hip. A cap or baseball cap is enough to add details to your boyfriend’s look.


Indeed, Mingyu just by looking at her Instagram photos is the real definition of “HOT!” Even when he is sweating, it still looks like it smells nice despite the sweat.

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The key point of Mingyu’s “boyish” look is his natural charm. Rather than paying attention to the details of her outfit, Mingyu chooses monochrome outfits like a simple black shirt.

June 6 14:00

Finally, Junho definitely gives the boy a look that a girl is dating with the intention of getting married.

For a positive first impression, a suit and trousers without satin stripes are a good option.

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Written by Eunice Dawson.


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