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6 K-pop idols who were Ulzzangs before debut

In Korean culture, “ulzzang” means “best face”, meaning people who attract a lot of attention and become popular on the Internet for their eye-catching and exceptionally good visuals. Due to their appearance, many of them have been researched by entertainment companies and made their debut to become the idols we love. Some of them are even known as visualizations of their groups!

Here are some idols who were ulzzangs before they debuted!

1. Wonho

(Photo: Instagram: @iwonhoyou)

Prior to his debut, former MONSTA X member Wonho was an ulzzang under the name Shin Hoseok. As an ulzzang, Wonho has become popular with his baby face, which remains the same until now! He even appeared on the show Ulzzang Shidae, a program that shares some of the inner stories and lifestyles of popular ulzzangs. With his looks, it’s no surprise that he became a member of the visual team when he worked with MONSTA X.

2. Yura girl’s day

Yura's Girl's Day

(Photo: Instagram: @ yura_936)
Yura’s Girl’s Day

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Girl’s Day member Yura made her visual debut as a group member, and it’s easy to see why! Before her debut, Yura was loved very much for her beautiful visuals. In fact, she was even contacted by over 40 entertainment companies who wanted to investigate her after she posted a video of her dancing online!

3. EXO Sehun

EXO Sehun

(Photo: Instagram: @oohsehun)
EXO Sehun

Sehun made his debut as a visual member of EXO. During his ulzzang days, the youngest member of EXO became very popular for his looks and “pretty boy” look, which easily made many people’s hearts flutter! When his previous ulzzang photos hit the internet, he was even dubbed a “certified ulzzang”.

4. Jaehyo B block

Jaehyo Block B

(Photo: Instagram: @bbjhyo)
Jaehyo Block B

Before he made his debut as a member of Block B’s visual team, the member of Jaehyo was known to be the hugely popular ulzzang! He even proved his popularity by taking part in a competition called Mnet Pretty Boys, in which he won first place!

5. Yoon Jisung

Yoon Jisung

(Photo: Instagram: @ _yoonj1sung_)
Yoon Jisung

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Did you know that Yoon Jisung was actually an ulzzang before he became a K-pop idol? This fact is not known to many, as the former leader of Wanna One often presents himself as a comedian in front of the camera. But when it gets serious, many end up praising the singer’s handsome visuals which are definitely underrated!

6. Aespa Karina

aespa karina

(Photo: Facebook: aespa)
aespa karina

One of the most popular female idols of the fourth generation is aespa member Karina, and it’s not hard to see why! Immediately after her debut, the author of the hits “Black Mamba” gained enormous popularity among fans thanks to her beauty similar to computer graphics. But even before she made her debut, Karina was already popular on the Internet after she stunned many with her seemingly unreal visuals.

What other idols do you know as ulzzangs before debut?

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