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6 K-pop stars with their own custom microphones

6 K-pop stars with their own custom microphones

Microphones are one of the most important things a singer has to have and are just as important to K-pop stars. While many idols use the standard black mic, especially while they are still in their rookie years, many choose to personalize their mics and customize them to add more dimension to their performances, and each one is simply beautiful to look at!

Here are some of the K-pop stars who have their own custom mics!

1. IU

(Photo: Melon Music Awards / TheQoo)
Custom IU microphones

IU is one of the most famous artists using custom microphones. In fact, the IU has a wide collection of customized microphones that will often turn on whenever it occurs or returns. Over the years, it has amassed over a dozen custom microphones – some in plain solid color, bi-color, metallic, matte or decorated!

2. BTS


(Photo: HYBE / Twitter: @BTStranslation_)
Custom BTS microphones

In the past, seven BTS members have used silver-colored matching microphones. But as their popularity grew even more, they upgraded their microphones to a variety of colors to represent each member.

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In the beginning, their microphones were only solid color. However, they improved it again and added all the Swarovski crystals.

3. Red velvet joy


(Photo: OSEN / Instagram: @ crystal.glowe)
Custom Red Velvet Joy microphone

Unfortunately, Red Velvet doesn’t have custom mics of its own yet. However, for his solo promotions, member Joy acquired a custom microphone. The Joy microphones are entirely adorned with Swarovski crystals in shades of green, with a large crystal embellished on the head. Not only that, but Joy also has her solo logo embellished in white.

4. (G) I-DLE


(Photo: Twitter: @sysaja_)
Custom (G) I-DLE microphones

Initially, only the leader of (G) I-DLE, Soyeon, had a custom microphone, one in a neon yellow color, due to her promotion as a solo artist. But this year, the other members finally got their own personalized microphones! In addition to the different colors and styles, each of the members’ microphones has their own personalized names at the bottom.



(Photo: Twitter: @ATEEZofficial)
Custom ATEEZ microphones

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The authors of ATEEZ’s “HALA HALA” hits also have their own custom microphones. Like the others, each of the ATEEZ members has their own colors. While the six members of the band have kept the same microphone colors as they had for the last few years, only Wooyoung and Mingi have changed the colors to gray and silver this year, respectively.



(Photo: Asia Today / Twitter: @moo_chip)
MAMAMOO custom microphones

In the case of MAMAMOO, four band members’ custom microphones were donated by their loyal and devoted fans, MOOMOO. While their fans financed their microphones, the members themselves chose the design they wanted. When they promote themselves as a group, they have the same matte black mic with a gold top. However, the shade of gold is lighter for Moonbyul and Solar, while the shade of gold is darker for Hwas and Wheein.

What’s your favorite custom microphone?

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