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7 idols who left unforgettable moments at the awards show: BTS Jin, GOT7 Jackson, more!

7 idols who left unforgettable moments at the awards show: BTS Jin, GOT7 Jackson, more!

Awards shows are known for their honorable moments and electrifying performances. However, as a K-pop fan, you’ll also come across memorable and hilarious celebrity moments at the awards show – like these 7 idols!

They are also some of the best experiences because watching their reactions certainly made you even more determined.

In no particular order, here are 7 K-pop idols who drew attention to their funny moments!

1. EXO Suho

EXO Suho is definitely on the list!

Due to his love for Red Velvet, he earned the nickname “the sixth member of Red Velvet”. The EXO frontman has livened up awards shows and music shows with his energy, fanboying and showing genuine support for the hoobae group.

2. Jin from BTS

BTS Jin is one of the funniest idols in K-pop. At the 2017 KBS Song Festival, “Worldwide Handsome” was cast to join the MC lineup.

However, one fan managed to get the word out in the middle of the show, complimenting how handsome a member is. Jin casually replied and acknowledged his handsomeness in a funny confident way, making the other MCs laugh!


(Photo: Tenor)
BLACKPINK Jisoo caught holding a water bottle

Another unforgettable joker in K-Pop, BLACKPINK Jisoo, joins this list for her quirky personality.

At the Seoul Music Awards, the singer and actress was caught balancing a water bottle on her shoulder!

Jisoo was upset by the turn of events, creating a noteworthy memento at the event and among K-pop fans.

4. TWICE Jeongyeon

TWICE Jeongyeon’s hilarious cascade at MAMA 2019 made fans laugh. TWICE showed up at the awards ceremony, ready to give a speech honoring their achievement and thanking everyone who supported them.

But in an unexpected turn of events, it was Jeongyeon’s turn to lead. The speech evolved into Jeongyeon, who spoke the words carefully between stops, as if she was tipsy, and even twirled around with a trophy in her hand!

5. SEVENteen Vernon

SEVENTEEN Vernon made this list because of his unforgettable reaction to NCT 127’s “Cherry Bomb” performance at MAMA 2017. His face evokes shock and admiration from the whole world, expressing the amazement of the whole group!

6. BIGBANG G-Dragon

In Trouble Maker’s performance, BIGBANG G-Dragon’s reaction to the kissing segment will always be a classic for K-pop fans!

The climax of the performance left G-Dragon in a stunning reaction, giving the fans an unforgettable reaction.

7. GOT7 Jackson

All the idols on the list were unforgettable, but this one wins!

GOT7 Jackson’s reaction to MAMAMOO Hwas and JYP’s performance made MAMA 2019 more memorable. At the climax of the performance, the audience was amazed by their stage presence. Jackson, while outspoken, gave the most sincere response to the show.

Coincidentally, the camera turned on him, showing the audience and idols his funny face!

Do you have a favorite idol moment that isn’t on the list? Feel free to comment and let us know!

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