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7 k-pop idols rocking the dyed hair trend

Dyed hair in two has been a trend for a while now and the wave shows no signs of slowing down! Hair dyed in two is made up of two or more colors dyed in a clear, unblended line and this can be a really cool, spicy way to spice up your regular dye. However, there are many variations to this trend, so take a look at some of these amazing examples from your favorite idols! You might just get inspired to try it out for yourself.

1. Hongjoong ATEEZ

One of the latest examples of the hair dye trend in two, ATEEZ leader Hongjoong made his appearance debut in the latest comeback of the group “Guerrilla”. His hair is dyed down the middle, half black and half platinum blonde. It’s a very distinctive style that sets it apart and fans have gone crazy about it!

2. Ryujin. ITZY

Ryujin jumped into the dyed hair fashion to return with “LOCO” in 2021, and her hair is a very interesting example of this style. Instead of going for one particular section of hair, she brightened the top instead layer – including her bangs. The resulting style is similar to highlights but with a cool, girly twist!

3. Gaon of Xdinary heroes

Gaon has a very interesting double-split style that occurs during the group’s recent comeback from “Test Me” – his hair is mostly split in the center, half water color and half bubble gum color. However, if you look closely, you’ll also notice two small streaks of the opposite color on the front of his head!

4. Jennie from BLACKPINK

Jennie briefly wore dyed hair during the group’s ‘How You Like That’ promotion in 2020, with a prominent contrasting pink band at the front of her hair. The style perfectly highlights her face without having to change the cut and is a unique take on the split-dye trend that many idols have not tried.

5. New BOYZA

THE BOYZ’s New also had a cool, fresh take on double-dyed hair with his blue and blonde look from the group’s 2020 return “The Stealer”. His dyeing job was for the top layer of his hair, with the color focusing on the front of his head. The color scheme was very versatile and looked completely different depending on the style!

6. Lee Nagyung from fromis_9

In arguably one of the most iconic examples of K-pop hair splitting, Lee Nagyung of fromis_9 was a total trendsetter in 2018. For the return of the group “Love Bomb” she dyed her hair in the style of Harley Quinn. light pink and dusty blue. The resulting look was equally edgy and cute!

7.V. BTS

The BTS V member debuted with his dyed hair in 2018 in the music video of the group “IDOL” – and ARMYs all over the world loved it! Its combination of pink and peach is a more subtle take on the style but is nonetheless distinctive. Perhaps he was also an inspiration for another BTS member, Jungkook, who also tried the style!

Which idol is wearing your favorite look? Tell us in the comments section!

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