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7 K-pop idols that shone as music actors

7 K-pop idols that shone as music actors

Many K-pop singers work in a variety of fields during or after their idol careers. Some go into acting, some go into business, and some go into creative management. There are also those who go to the theater and become musical actors. Most of the time it’s done by singers because singing is a big requirement for it.

Many first generation K-pop idols have tried and made a career out of it, such as Ock Juhyun from KL Finn and JYJ Junsu.

In this article, we have listed 7 popular idols who have achieved success in the South Korean theater scene.

Seohyun from the girls’ generation

First on the list is the youngest member of Girls’ Generation, Seohyun. Her musical debut took place in 2014 with a musical version of the TV series “Moon Embracing the Sun”.

(Photo: seojuhyun_s / Instagram)
Seohyun from the girls’ generation

In 2015, she starred in the Korean version of the French musical “Gone with the Wind”.

Then, from February to June 2016, Seohyun was cast in the Korean version of the musical Mamma Mia.

After leaving SM Entertainment, she has yet to return to acting in musicals as her focus is on the small screen.


The lead singer of VIXX began his music career in 2014 with the musical version of the famous TV series “Full House”. He was then cast in one of Korea’s most famous musicals, “Mata Hari” as the main Armand, and performed from March 25 to June 12.


(Photo: Instagram: @leo_jungtw)
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Leo was then cast in “Monte Cristo” in a supporting role. But he returned to the lead role in the musicals “The Last Kiss”, “Elisabeth” and “Marie Antoinette”.

In 2021, he appeared in the musical “Frankenstein” as Henri Dupre. And this year he will star in the musical “Bungee Jumping of Your Own” as Seo Inwoo.

There are rumors that Leo was also cast in the Korean version of “West Side Story” but this is still unconfirmed. We’ll find out soon!

Super Junior Kyuhyun

Another K-pop lead singer who has delved into the world of musicals is Super Junior’s Kyuhyun. He made his debut in the musical “Three Musketeers” in 2010.


(Photo: Instagram: @ gyuram88)
Super Junior Kyuhyun

He followed suit in “Catch Me If You Can” in 2012 and in “Moon Embracing the Sun” with Seohyun in 2014.

Cho Kyuhyun has more musicals in his discography as he made his debut earlier than the rest. He starred in “Rain Song”, “Days,” “Robin Hood,” “Werther,” “Mozart!”, “The Man Who Laughs,” “The Phantom” and “Frankenstein.”

f (x) Manager

Like his former label colleague Kyuhyun, Luna began her music career in 2010. She was the lead role in the musical “Legally Blonde”.

fx Luna

(Photo: Instagram: @hermosavidaluna)
#HappyLunaDay: Trivia of (x) Luna

The former idol was also in “Gone with the Wind”, “Mama Mia!” and “The Days.” Her other works include “Cayote Ugly”, “High School Musical On Stage!”, “School of OZ”, “In The Heights”, “Rebecca” and “Rudolf”.


Solar with MAMAMOO made her debut this year with the film “Mata Hari”. Mata Hari played along with Ock Juhyun.

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(Photo: Solar Instagram)

Many critics applauded Solar’s acting and explosive singing skills. They also said that after MAMAMOO Solar showed her colorful dance performances and gentle emotions, it was unbelievable that this was her first musical.

Seventeen DK

Another beginner in the music scene is SEVENTEEN’s lead vocal. He only appeared in the musical “Xcalibur” as King Arthur in 2019 and 2021.

DK as King Arthur

(Photo: SEVENTEEN- Twitter)
DK as King Arthur in the musical “Xcalibur”.

Like many other musical idols, he was praised for his singing skills and tone of voice that is perfect for musicals.

EXO Suho

Last on our list is EXO’s leader Suho. He started his musical career in 2015 with the production of “OZ School”. Then, in 2017, he starred in the musical “The Last Kiss” as the heir to the throne Rudolph, who was also in the lead role.

EXO Suho

(Photo: Instagram: @kimjuncotton)
EXO Suho

And for two seasons, 2018 and 2020, he was in “The Man Who Laughs” as Gwynplaine, another lead role.

Do you know any other K-pop idols who are also music actors? Let us know in the answers / comments!

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