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7 K-pop idols who deserve a solo album debut: BLACKPINK Jisoo, SHINee Minho, more

These K-pop idols are too talented for fans to wait to show off their skills on a solo album! Unfortunately that day is not yet to come, but with their last tips it may finally come!


(Photo: Jisoo (Instagram))

Jisoo, member of the global girls band BLACKPINK, is gaining recognition for her impeccable singing and dancing talents. She is also a successful actress and ambassador for a luxury brand that is loved by many fans around the world.

In everything he does, Jisoo never ceases to surprise BLINK and K-pop fans by arousing their curiosity about what kind of potential and skill it can offer more.

In 2022, Jisoo confirmed the possibility of releasing a solo debut album, and even suggested concepts that she has in mind. However, with the return coming back and the BLACKPINK world tour, it feels like the date will be pushed back even further.

Nevertheless, the BLINKS are undoubtedly always eager to wait!

2. GLOSS Minho

SHINee Minho

(Photo: Facebook: SHINee)


Since his debut, Minho has flaunted not only his singing, rapping and dancing skills, but also his potential as a songwriter.

Over the years, he has proven to be more than a visual idol by participating in many songs released by SHINee; which is why fans are curious to see what vibes he will present when he starts writing songs for his solo debut.

The male idol has already released several digital singles in both Korea and Japan, but SHINee world is hoping to see his album coming out soon.

3. (G) I-DLE Minnie

(G) I-dle Minnie, bold clothes and red lips… provocative charm



When Minnie debuted, many music fans praised her top-notch vocals and unique voice color. As the group gained worldwide acclaim this year with the song “TOMBOY”, the number of people who wanted her debut as a soloist rose relatively in line with her fame.

Releasing the album at the earliest would be a good plan to keep up the pace, but Minnie has confirmed she has plans, although a final date has yet to be announced.

4. NCT Mark

NCT mark

(Photo: Instagram: @onyourm__ark)
Mark Lee

Mark has always been one of NCT’s Aces who is gifted in all areas, be it rap, dance and singing. It also has that irresistible charm and image that NCTzens can’t help but love. Being part of a group with many members it is always difficult to show an individual musical presence and identity.

That’s why Mark’s followers believe that his solo debut album will release more of his side. Fortunately, the male star is also positive about releasing him in the future!

5. ATEEZ HongJong


(Photo: ATEEZ Instagram)

Among the K-pop groups, ATEEZ is one of the self-produced bands with impressive results. Among the members, HongJoong stands out for the numerous songs that he has released and composed for the group so far.

For this reason, fans discussed that it would be interesting to see and listen to the songs HongJoong had made for himself on his solo album. In fact, the idol revealed that he imagined himself releasing an album at 30 to reminisce about his 20s, but we all hope it arrives sooner than he plans.

6. DOUBLE Jihyo

(Photo: Jihyo Instagram)

Ever since TWICE established its name in the music scene, Jihyo has attracted attention not only with his fantastic and powerful vocals, but also with his dancing and songwriting skills.

As the group began their second act with Nayeon’s solo debut, many fans dreamed of Jihyo’s next release.

Now that the singer has renewed her contract with JYP Entertainment, it’s possible the singer has a plan as well, and we can’t wait for him to arrive!

7. BTS Jimin


(Photo: Facebook: BTS)

Although fans want solo albums for all BTS members, Jimin is the one that is most anticipated. His unexpected and unpredictable side are just some of the reasons music enthusiasts focus on the day he will eventually abandon his solo album.

In addition to his unique vocals, people are hoping for a dance track that will show his perfection in dancing. But knowing Jimin, the ARMYs expect the idol to surely step out of his box for his solo debut – and they can’t wait for that time!

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