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7 male idols born in 1995 who need to enlist in the military by 2023

Due to the 18-month mandatory military service that Koreans must serve, these 7 K-pop idols may have to say goodbye to their fans temporarily in 2023 to comply with South Korean law.

Specifically, all male Korean citizens between the ages of 18 and 28 are required to serve approximately two years of military service. In some cases, people are only exempt if they were national athletes, traditional musicians, and ballet dancers. So far, no K-pop idol has been released from this recruitment.

(Photo: Scoups, Taeyong, Bobby (M Countdown | SBS Inkigayo PD NOTE))

For BTS, the duties of members like Jin have been postponed until the age of 30 due to the honor they have given to South Korea, such as increasing their cultural influence around the world. So, although Jimin and V were born in 1995, they can push their duties until 2025.

Unfortunately, some K-pop idols have to enlist in 2023 regardless of age.

Here are 7 idols born in 1995 who need to enlist by 2023:

1. Baekho


(Image: Instagram: @realbaekho95)

Born on July 21, 1995, the former NU’EST member has to enter the camp next year.

In March, the band announced a decade-long dissolution following Aron, JR and Ren’s decision not to renew their contracts with the agency to pursue their careers.

Only Baekho and Minhyun decided to continue their contract with Pledis Entertainment, a subsidiary of HYBE.

Since then, Baekho has also focused on his solo acting career and debuted as a solo artist with his first EP “Absolute Zero” in October.

2. Hwang Minhyun

NU'EST Minhyun

(Photo: Instagram: @optimushwang)
NU’EST Minhyun

Along with Baekho, the same age Minhyun, born in August 1995, is expected to join the military in 2023.

After the group disbanded, Minhyun established himself as an actor starring in the hit drama “Alchemy of Souls”.

From December 2022 until next year, Minhyun will continue to showcase his acting skills in the second season of the drama “Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow”. Minhyun will reprise his role as Seo Yul.

3. iKON Bobby

iKON draws mixed reactions to the mention of BI's withdrawal, Bobby's show marriage

(Photo: Bobby (News1))

Bobby, born in December 1995, may have to enlist in late December or early January.

The group’s singer-songwriter recently continued with the group after a short hiatus due to his fiancée’s pregnancy and birth of his son. At that time, the male idol also announced his marriage to his non-celebrity girlfriend.

4. iKON song

iKON song

(Image: Instagram: @sssong_yh)
iKON song

Yunhyeong, hereinafter referred to as Song, was born in February 1995. He’s due to enlist with Bobby next year.

It is currently still a mystery whether he was actually dating or dating ex MOMOLAND Daisy following a rumor of them dating back in 2019. While YG denied the reports, MLD Entertainment confirmed the news, leaving fans with no idea what the truth is.

5. NCT Taeyong

NCT 127 explains why they can't imagine SM Entertainment without Lee Soo Man

(Image credit: Taeyong (Instagram))

NCT consists of 23 members and three members born in 1995, including Johnny, Yuta and Taeyong.

Among them, only Taeyong has to enlist because he is the only Korean born among them, while Johny was from the US, although he is ethnically Korean. Meanwhile, Yuta is Japanese.



(Photo: Facebook: SEVENTEEN)

S. coups, the leader of the global group SEVENTEEN, may have to enlist in 2023 as well, since he was born in August 1995.

At the moment, S. Coups leads the group on the world tour “Be the Sun”, and recently also presented the third Japanese EP “Dream”.

7. SEVENteen Jeonghan


(Photo: Facebook: SEVENTEEN)

In addition to S. Coups, Jeonghan may also enter military camp in 2023.

In 2015, Jeonghan debuted as SEVENTEEN and solidified his vocal skills as a member of the “Vocal Team”.

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Written by Eunice Dawson.


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